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Just imagine this call from Wilky.....

It's the bottom of the 9th, Wright State leads Tennessee 8-5. Bases are loaded. Nobody out and Drew Gilbert comes to the plate. Gilbert shows bunt and the infield plays in. Gilbert bunts down the 3rd base line...........

How much would that suck?
I think Gilbert credits CFA with the instruction to hit a homer then.
I’m all caught up. Had missed the Coach Anderson & Evan Russell episodes while in Boston. Listened to both yesterday, two of the best podcasts so far. I don’t think people realize how lucky we are getting an intimate inside look at these peoples lives. Preacherman and Kirby, thank you, we are so very grateful for these interviews.
MLB NETWORK which is part of my Comcast shows the Friday Tennessee game on the schedule.

It presently does not show anything after 5:00 am Saturday because ‘the schedule is not presently available.’

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