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Beautiful prayer. Would like to add my request for our 30 yr old daughter. She is ICU with severe preeclampsia and her body is in septic shock. They have her on opiates for the pain. Wife is with her as we adopted her at birth (wife held her before birth mother) and wife is having a difficult time as my daughter told her she thinks she is dying. Today is my daughter’s birthday and I can’t be there as I am taking care of her 9 yr old son who we adopted 5 years ago. Thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated for daughter, wife, son and myself for these trying times. Firm believer in the power of prayer 🙏
Praying for you, your daughter, wife and grandson! Prayers for healing and comfort. May you feel the Lord’s guiding hand on what to do and say because I know feeling powerless is sometimes the hardest thing. God bless you
When admission applications increase 40% over previous year, and of those 50% are out of state increases then more believers are made.
Cheap retards should’ve saw what happened in Tuscaloosa when Saban arrived. That place looks TOTALLY different from where it was. The entire city looks different and a lot more alive with the campus exploding with new people. That’s how you make money. Glad our guys are finally after all these years starting to put two and two together
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Among all three? I'll take the over during the next 15 years. Never thought I would be able to say that given where we were 5 years ago.

Throw in WBB and I'll go ahead and say he'll get double digits NC's if he stays here at least 15 more years.
I LOVE the optimism and hope you’re right, but it’s really damn hard to win a National Championship in those three sports.

For example, as dominant as Georgia has seemed the last two years they are most likely two healthy WR’s (Jameson Williams for Bama and Marvin Harrison Jr. for OSU) away from not winning either title. There is such a thin margin for error at the very top!

But I hope you’re right!!
VN, my family could use your thoughts, prayers, Jobu sacrifices, and agnostic well wishes today. My 3 year old grandson Wyatt is at Vanderbilt to undergo open heart surgery at 8am Central. They are repairing his aortic valve via a Ross Procedure. The docs say it will take 6 to 7 hours. He has dealt with this since birth and has already been through 2 balloon procedures that delayed this surgery for a couple of years. Thanks all!
Congenital Aortic Stenosis Surgery for Children: Ross Procedure
My sweet goodness, Darth. You have all of my prayers, Buddhist meditations, Hail Marys and anything else at all that I can provide. Please know that all of VN is supporting that beautiful baby and we fervently hope all will be well.
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