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In regards to chiropractors: when my middle son was born he had a dimple at the bottom of his spine. My wife asked multiple doctors from the day he was born about it and she was told it was nothing. The doctors put in his chart that my wife was exhibiting symptoms of munchhausens by proxy. When he was eleven, the chiropractor told my wife that the dimple was connected to some form of spinal cord issue and we should get an mri. The doctor tried to blow us off and kind of rolled his eyes because the chiropractor told us. We pushed and he ended up doing an x-ray then an mri. Turned out it was a tethered spine and he ended up requiring surgery.
The point is, there are good chiropractors and there are doctors with their heads up their rear ends. I never assume that just because someone has m.d. after their name they are always right. Doctors, as it turns out, are people, so some are are awful and some are great. Seems like @VolsDoc81TX is a good one based on his posts.
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Probably true nowdays. That was 4 years ago. 30 minute sessions. 3 times first week, 2 times second and third weeks, one final session and I was done. Felt improvement the first day. Saw the biggest changes after Session 3.

I pay attention to symptoms closer than I once did. When I start feeling the hips getting out of align and muscle tightness, I know what to do. Also, recently added a Teeter to decompress. Use it a couple times/couple of minutes at at time each day for 3-4 days a week.
Inversion table helps me a bunch
The Purdue game -

BCFToys is an analytic website that provides ratings and supporting data for college football calculated from the results of non-garbage possessions in FBS vs. FBS games.
I follow their net yards per play analysis.

Four of the top 5 teams in net yards per play this year are in the college football playoff. The 5th is Ohio State.

Kentucky is at 9th for net yards per play, Pitt is at 12th, Tennessee is at 13th, Florida is at 30th, Ole Miss is at 37th, and Purdue is at 59th.

We will be the 2nd best offense Purdue has face all year and the 7th best defense. They lost to 4 of the 6 higher ranked defenses but beat Iowa, who had the 118th ranked offense in O-YPP and Illinois who had the #113 ranked offense.

On defense Purdue ranks #101 in giving up plays of 10+ yards; we rank #30. On offense we rank #9 in plays that gain 10+ yards; Purdue ranks #90.

I’ve been reading that Purdue will be without their leading receiver (Bell) and may be without their 2nd leading receiver (Wright). I’ve also read they will be without their best defensive player (Karlaftis).

Purdue’s rushing offense ranks 127th in the nation for yards per game and dead last at #130 for yards per attempt.

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In other words “WGWTFA”
We usually book a night at Opryland for my son’s birthday on the 28th. This year with dem Vols in the MCB, all you morans have put the place nearly at capacity and I can’t get Soundwaves tickets 💦 thanks.
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