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Mar 5, 2011
The team quit on Dooley during the Kentucky game in 2011. He would never be able to manage a locker room with that much talent
This x1000. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I believe some recency bias has caused some to forget just how bad Dooley was. I think he’s the worst coach Tennessee has ever had, and I don’t believe it’s particularly close.


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Mar 21, 2009
Completely agree on all accounts. We gave up 30 points a game and nearly a hundo 20+yard plays. That is staggeringly bad. And no signs of life in the secondary really. Turnage I guess. Can’t blame depth, that is an ingredient to success. Not exclusive of the quality of our play.
Some interesting stats that I looked up from last year…. Our defense was:

5th in the sec in ypp given up.

We only had two games where a team averaged more ypp than they did on the season.

Florida .8 more yards per play…. Purdue 1.9 more yards per play.

Georgia had exactly what they averaged for the season. Pitt was held to 1.6 ypp less than season averaged while we held Ole Miss to -1.3 ypp than their season average.
The rest of the schedule is:

Missouri -.5
SC -.4
Alabama -.4
Kentucky surprisingly -.3
Vandy -.2

This shows to me that our defense wasn’t as bad as we thought…. It is hard to judge them when an offense plays as fast as we do… Clean up 3rd down defense, red zone defense…. Short yardage offense, red zone offense and this could be a special year.
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