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"The official Music City Bowl welcome party for teams and fans scheduled for Monday has been canceled. The game between Tennessee (7-5) and Purdue (8-4) is still on for Thursday (2 p.m. CT, ESPN) at Nissan Stadium. Bowl officials, however, decided to cancel the welcome party out of what they called "an abundance of caution" in a release. Neither team has reported COVID-19 issues. The party, which was supposed to be at Wildhorse Saloon, was the only pregame joint player event scheduled."

That's the whole story. But if you want: Music City Bowl welcome party canceled; Tennessee vs. Purdue still on
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These protocols are such a are those in the NFL. Vaccinated or not, both are getting COVID and can spread it. There is no difference. The jab is not a vaccine, it is a shot…much like the flu shot. Doesn’t prevent anything. And COVID has about the same death rate as the flu; but it is much much more contagious so many more people get it and therefore more people die from it.

A cruise ship with a 100% vaccination rate had an outbreak of COVID and was denied port in Mexico. Can’t blame the unvaccinated for this one. Just one example out of many as to 100% vaccination rates not being a preventative.

If you want to help quell the spread, everyone needs to be treated the same. Test…and quarantine those who test positive - equally.

This is not an anti-vax statement. Just an observation.

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