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I ruptured a disc doing deadlifts. Had chemonucleolysis procedure years ago and had immediate relief, but I know there is always going to be some pain at times. If I stretch my hamstrings too much too fast the pain returns.
it took me years of stretching and rehabbing before was able to squat and deadlift again. Doctors told me id never run for distance again.

There are days I do the 90 year old man walk still. Just gotta start it all over.
Doc might be able to answer your question but Tiger Woods had the fusion surgery and still managed to swing a golf club.
Luis Gonzalez had same injury I had. As I recall, he opted for pilates and to exercise his way out. Guy won MVP, er at least won a Title after that.

After all that recovery i came back stronger and fitter than I ever was before the injury. No way that crap is gonna win.
If you can find a chiropractor willing to spend more than 5 minutes with you these days, you are accomplishing something.

Probably true nowdays. That was 4 years ago. 30 minute sessions. 3 times first week, 2 times second and third weeks, one final session and I was done. Felt improvement the first day. Saw the biggest changes after Session 3.

I pay attention to symptoms closer than I once did. When I start feeling the hips getting out of align and muscle tightness, I know what to do. Also, recently added a Teeter to decompress. Use it a couple times/couple of minutes at at time each day for 3-4 days a week.
Yoga is the absolute best golf workout.. jmo

Thanks. I've heard that and I am starting to investigate a bit. After my wife's knee fracture this spring that us helped me out with, I put the clubs away for the year. She's so much better that it appears golf is back on my 2022 agenda. My diet adjustments start the day after the NC game and I think some yoga may be in order to get ready for spring. I do a modified lotus when I'm doing the wall exercise now. o_O Yeah, I know that image is weird, but not near as weird as it feels...
An under the radar player I hope gets some snaps vs Purdue is Julian Nixon.

Nixon I think one day will be a match up night mare.

Take that with a grain of salt though because I said the same thing about Jacob Warren three or so years ago. 😬
Completely forgot about him.
The Purdue game -

BCFToys is an analytic website that provides ratings and supporting data for college football calculated from the results of non-garbage possessions in FBS vs. FBS games.
I follow their net yards per play analysis.

Four of the top 5 teams in net yards per play this year are in the college football playoff. The 5th is Ohio State.

Kentucky is at 9th for net yards per play, Pitt is at 12th, Tennessee is at 13th, Florida is at 30th, Ole Miss is at 37th, and Purdue is at 59th.

We will be the 2nd best offense Purdue has face all year and the 7th best defense. They lost to 4 of the 6 higher ranked defenses but beat Iowa, who had the 118th ranked offense in O-YPP and Illinois who had the #113 ranked offense.

On defense Purdue ranks #101 in giving up plays of 10+ yards; we rank #30. On offense we rank #9 in plays that gain 10+ yards; Purdue ranks #90.

I’ve been reading that Purdue will be without their leading receiver (Bell) and may be without their 2nd leading receiver (Wright). I’ve also read they will be without their best defensive player (Karlaftis).

Purdue’s rushing offense ranks 127th in the nation for yards per game and dead last at #130 for yards per attempt.

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