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Maaan I was trying to fish and a copperhead freaking chased me off the dock. Didn’t want to put my boat in the water because it’s getting dark. Walk up on this snake so I took my fishing pole and moved him into the water. Dude came up the dock ready to fight. Probably pretty funny to the people watching 🤣

How ‘bout this sob I killed at my dock a couple yrs ago......only good snake is a dead snake
That 15 minute Covid-19 test may make you feel good, but the accuracy of that test is supposedly very poor.

“Believe” what you want to believe. But that isn’t true. The 15min test I am talking about is “very accurate” and is used by multiple people on my job a lot.
@volatil be like

Oklahoma game...hand the stinking ball off. Let the big uglies and RB's take charge of the game on offense. Keep OU's offense off the field. Surely he can manage that...?

Defense has to hold against OU's offense. Dl has to get to the QB, and the DB' s HAVE to be able to contain their WR's.
We have to take advantage of the OL this year!
Today was the first time in a long time I didn’t care enough to listen to the VQ podcast. Made it about 5 min in and got bored.

Anything worthwhile mentioned?
It's part of what he does for work using our equipment. He made me this on the DL because he had time and was board but first time with sports logo.

He is a master with wood (TWSS) and backlighting. Showed me a smaller piece he did on tile and it pops even better. He can do sports teams, a portrait of a family member....pretty much anything and it will look like the original of dye sub printing and it will never come off.

The wood stuff is a little different but super cool when parts are cut out with the laser and backlit.
That feller is an artist, my friend.
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