Recruiting Football Talk VII

Count me in the holier than thou group because I would never do that. Lived to almost 60 and had plenty of opportunities in many different situations.
It's always fun to see people being all sanctimonious about people being sanctimonious. It's almost like they want to be the only ones who can state an opinion about what's bad behavior.
You're probably correct.

Andy Reid already said he will be back next season as HC. He wants a shot at the 3 peat and Kelce will be a big part of team again next season.

Maybe suggest a little anger management classes for old TK.
It’s probably not a big deal to Reid…. only an issue to people at home.
Chris Jones won the game for KC. He blew up so many plays. If he doesn't get to Purdy the 9ers and Jauan have another TD.
If they had scored a TD there, it would have come down to stopping a 2 point conversion IMO. I doubt the Chiefs would have risked giving the ball back to the Niners only needing a FG to win.
Fair counterargument, and maybe that’s what Shanahan was thinking, but IMO it’s really really dumb to play for the third possession. You have to survive the first two possessions first, or the third possession never even happens. Congrats to Kyle Shanahan on getting the third possession in OT tonight! That was huge!
Also, if you know you need a TD, it makes the decision easier. If you score that TD, you would have the option of going for two and take that third possession out of play altogether.
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No, not in the new playoff OT rules. With both teams getting to possess no matter what, it’s like college OT. Have to go defense first. Impossible to say for sure, obviously, but if they had gone defense first, they probably win that game. Chiefs went for it on 4th down in their own territory because they knew they had to score. 49ers could have gone on 4th and goal if they knew they had to have a TD. Two sides of the same coin. Both benefitted KC because the Niners went on offense first.
I’m jumping in the middle of a convo I wasn’t in nor know they beginning but just came across this. SMH.

I remember Fernando Bryant getting smoked by Peerless Price on that 100 yard return! BOOM!!!
I've watched a lot of football in my life, so I've seen a lot of fast people get smoked by other fast people. I also think that I stated that they were some of the fastest I had seen in person in "high school". Along with LaMarcus Coker and Jalen Hurd (Junior year).
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I got to see his dad play in person. His game speed was on par with Fernando Bryant in high school. Two of the fastest high school players I've ever seen on field.
Fastest human beings ive ever seen were Raghib Ismael at Neyland, and I believe Herschel Walker ran at Eastman meet.

If any of you morans recall the US Air/Eastman invitational at Mini Dome. Used to have a celebrity running event. Mary Ellen Plubell was like greased lightning.
And Marquez Callaway, Emmanuel Moseley, Jalen Reeves-Maybin, Shy Tuttle...

Makes me wonder... we had the one year where OL was genuinely a hole with no one to fill it but all the other years we had far more talent than even we realized. Oh sure we knew the legacy class was big but the talent he had here was ridiculous even in the lower rated classes. What would Heupel have done with them?

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