Real American Heroes



What's it gonna cost?
Mar 11, 2009
This is a feel-good thread. Please don't share anything with a political angle, but I'd love to hear tales about average Joe's doing heroic things, big or small. I can't get enough of stories like this:

As a little kid, Chris Turner saved up all his money for a metal detector. He was fiddling with it in the backyard and his neighbor saw him and asked if he could look for her wedding ring she had lost in the garden, 10 years prior. He found it, and he said it made her so happy he became addicted to helping people in this way. He's now recovered over 600 rings for people, and he doesn't charge for the service. He also started a website so people can get matched with ring finders in their area. The website doesn't get any money, but the ring finder you contact may accept a reward.

Chris Turner, real American hero.

The Metal Detectorists Who Find Lost Wedding Rings - The Atlantic

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