Ginger Baker and a couple of other guys…
Now you're talking my language! Blind Faith only lasted a year before Clapton became enamored of country blues (Delaney and Bonnie), his best friend's wife (Pattie Boyd) and hard drugs. But they did produce one great album. Sea of Joy was a very special song for me and my gal. Can't Find My Way is also a great song that has endured. There's a beautiful version by Bonnie Raitt.

Tracing back fm BF leads to the first great supergroup, Cream, also with the notorious Mr Baker and Clapton. One click further back there's John Mayall's Bluesbreakers where many of the great British blues rockers, Clapton, Peter Green, Jack Bruce, John McVie cut their teeth.

Blind Faith's lead singer was Stevie Winwood, who traces back to Traffic and the classic Low Spark of High Heel Boys, and before that Spencer Davis Group. Winwood has lived in Nashville for many years.

60 yrs later, nothing tops original British Blues for me.
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still one of my alltime favorites

CJ, Amy Whinehouse prob the greatest female singer of her time, here she is in the raw, accoustic, maybe her best …enjoy, she is not everyone’s cup of tea, but she was sooooo good for those that got her style. Put me in that camp sir..

her stuff is deep, not for the average kind, but she had “it”, whatever that is. same as Frank S had, it was a rhythm thing. She had “it” CJ…
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Let the homeboys and others say she was untalented, I expect as such, she was not a Southern girl, but the world sure is full of different types. Let it rip, I believe she garnered a room full of Grammies from her short life, whatever. She was amazing. Watch her vid a few times until you “get it”, the girl was one of the best ever. It takes a few runs for some to even start to understand her rhythm and style, most will never try to understand it, they lack the patience to learn something that great. Their loss.

Unfortunately, she joined the infamous 27 club. Does this count as a rant? If so “scuze me Lucy” as Ricky once said.
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Very, very sad day for GameTime....
One of my dogs, Ms Dixie, saw her last sunrise this morning.

The vet gave me the saddest news, nothing more could be done for my little darlin. Had to let her go to sleep and hurt no more..

She looked just like this little dog....

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