Rooster, can you imagine the delima Elvis was faced with....To walk away from her would require the strength of Hercules....
Quick story guys....
I had this girlfriend, in the 80's, that dyed her hair red, like Ann Margaret did...I had no idea it was dyed red, until the great reveal....I was so disappointed....

After I expressed my displeasure, she kept everything dyed red after that...

The roasts were as good as the Carson shows, many times they were better. Great memories. I could tell you a red head story, but I cannot spin a story like you do and I would make a muss of it, love your prose, every word of it all. We need to share a steak and beer one evening, I’ll do the NY strip with a glass of bourbon. Need to meet you GT, share some stories, I have some doozies, lived that kind of life, like you have. Damn, I have some fun stuff to share…with the right people at the right place, you the right people
I'm up in Tenn area often on fishing trips, let’s make it happen.
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Rooster, I use to watch The Tonight Show almost every night, that is before it became too political and just lousy.....

Got a station on my cable, 'GetTV' that shows reruns of older shows and they have Johnny Carson every week night a 9:00. I check who is on there every night to see if I want to watch it. Some are really good. Watched one the other night and Jerry Seinfeld was making his TV debut as a standup comedian. Funny to see this.
I really fell in love with Larkin Poe. It was hard to select a few samples out of the dozens of great clips (all worth posting). I like the laid-back Crowded House cover but also had their cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" cued up. If you like any or all of the clips above, warning...if you start searching Youtube posts featuring them, you'll be going down a rabbit hole that will keep you occupied for at least an hour.

They're sort of a triple threat that fall into three categories:

1. Their solo act that is just killer...blues, rock, covers, originals...and the crowd is always really, really into the songs. Rebecca (younger sister, lead singer & guitarist) can also shred. Megan (older sister; lap steel & backing vocals) can also sing lead. When they really get cooking, they're all over the stage...pogoing, kicking, doing backbends, leaning into audience, etc. I just watched an entire hour & a half set from last month in Chicago. They're getting better, and they have the audience in the palm of their hands. Saw an incredible encore set from a gig in Nashville in which they invited two guest artists to jam with them on The Band's "Ophelia."

2. Duets with famous musicians such as Eric Gales, Keith Urban, Joe Bonamassa, two of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers, etc. And they always hold their own.

3. Covers. Sometimes on stage with full band, but they have an astounding number of versatile accoustic covers. Check out their version of "Start Me Up" without a rhythm section...amazing attitude & impeccable timing. They cover many genres, too. Layla, Nights In White Satin, Fortunate Son, Southern Cross, Stayin' Alive, Sledgehammer, Bell Bottom Blues, Sharp Dressed Man, etc. You get the picture. Everything from blues to pop to r&b to country to rock. Heart, Led Zeppelin, Sam Cooke, Dolly Parton, Allmans, Janis Joplin, Ozzy, Steve Miller, Phil Collins, they have it down.

Highest recommendation. *****
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Have you ever heard of someone having a medical episode relating to a slight stroke that they had 13 years prior? Wifey's mom (still with us, 14 days from her 94th bday) had what we thought was a stoke yesterday. We got her to the hospital asap and now the Dr's are saying no new stroke but her symptoms are caused by her first stoke in 2010. Hard for me to believe that . But, just glad as heck that she still is fighting to stay around, more lives than a cat!
The world is a beautiful place, life is precious, I’m on the boat of folks that want to see peace to all, and maybe get back to some morals we all can agree on. Peace everyone, there are still a lot of great folks in this world. GT, the redhead story will wait until we share the steak dinner….😉
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