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Nov 28, 2011
Heard that the Auburn OC responded to his commitment by saying welcome to QBU.That is quite a stretch!
LOL. That has to be one of the more bizarre claims I've seen. Who are the top 5 QBs in Auburn history?

1. Cam Newton (for 1 year)
2. Nick Marshall
3. Jason Campbell
4. Patrick Nix???
5. ????

You could make a pretty legit argument that anyone in our top 7 or 8 would be above their #2, Nick Marshall (Manning, Shuler, Holloway, Clausen, Dobbs, Martin, Bray, Ainge).

Bama, Florida, and Georgia's lists would be much better, too. Ole Miss (Archie, Eli, Corral, Chad Kelly) and LSU (Burrow, Russell, Davey, YA Tittle, Bert Jones, Flynn, Mauck) would be above them, as well.

You could put them above Mizzou, Arkansas, A&M, South Carolina, Kentucky, Miss State, and Vandy. And even some of those are iffy. Without the 1 year of Cam Newton, Mizzou, A&M, Miss State, and Kentucky vs Auburn are all very debatable.

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