Official Memphis vs. UCLA Thread

KLove, much like Hansbrough, doesn't like athletic big men. He's not going to be the pro everyone talks about.
Memphis looking strong heading to the finals. UNC and KU better look out
If Memphis has forty more minutes in them like their last 120, there's going to be one hell of a party on Beale Street Monday night.
I really think Memphis would have a harder time beating KU than UNC. I think KU is the better team, but we will find out in a bit.
The level that Memphis is playing at right now is too high for either of those teams to match. I dont think they have seen this kind of talent all year. Good luck cutting down those nets.
Pat Riley already has visions of pairing Derrick Rose and Dwayne Wade dancing in his head.
UCLA could have competed with Memphis on the boards in the halfcourt game, the way its been going the second half. There is absolutely no excuse for Kevin Love getting the ball as little as he has. Horrendous playcalling on UCLA's part. Credit to Memphis for being big-time and dominant, but the Bruins have done absolutely nothing to give themselves a shot at winning this game.
Yeah, but remember, there are plenty of folks on this board who will tell you Cal can't coach and the Tigers' success is built solely on weak competition in C-USA.
BPV, Do you think today proformace by Love today hurt him in the draft?
I don't think just today's performance. He's not very athletic and it shows when he plays the few athletic big men remaining in college ball. He'll be better than Hansbrough, but not a heckuva lot.
Hat who does Memphis match up with better and who do you want them to play?
I don't think there's a significant difference in how they match up with those two teams. I'd rather they play Kansas. That way, I'll have a smile on my face regardless of who wins.

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