NCAA files response in Tennessee lawsuit, cites state’s laws barring NIL in recruiting

I meant playoffs. Per Doug mathewws, 427 lawsuits against ncaa. 425 are football related.
Just further confirmation for me that there's most certainly bias in the least in my mind. Personally, I don't think the NCAA is stupid. They know they'll lose in the end, but at this point, I truly believe they're willing to go that far in order to inflict as much damage on UT as possible. They've got lawyers, too. I'm sure they know how this ends, but I think they also believe they have little to lose. Everyone knows the NCAA is antiquated and can't coexist with NIL or if players become employees of the universities, and a collective bargaining situation exists. Their days are numbered. I think they believe that it's going to be very difficult to prove damages when it comes to a recruiting class falling apart or that this situation led to kids hitting the portal in the spring. If they make Nico eligible anywhere but UT, he's not "damaged" either just inconvenienced. I think the judge rejecting the TRO shows that. I also don't see good news coming on the 13th. At that point, does the NCAA go scorched earth? Do they drop the letter of allegations? Do they declare Nico ineligible at UT? Does Nico consider the spring portal? I know Vol fans won't like hearing that, but this is his time. He and his family have to decide what's best for Nico, and if that means transferring, I can't blame the kid.
How? Folks keep referring to this, but I'm don't see how it conflicts with that. NIL Cap limits for individual athletes does not prohibit fair competition among the collectives. That seems like it would allow more smaller collectives to actually participate verses limiting the number of collectives. A player can still shop around to find a collective that will off her/him the top of the limit.
legally speaking none of the bolded matters. none of it. doesn't matter if its the way it worked, what is "fair competition" or anything else. YOU CAN NOT CAP WHAT AN INDIVIDUAL MAKES FROM THEIR NAME, IMAGE, OR LIKENESS.

NIL is not a specific thing. its not a type of pay. It literally just means the person's NAME, the person's IMAGE, or person's LIKENESS. You can not cap what an INDIVIDUAL makes for ANY of those things.

NIL is NOT a salary. even in the NFL, the one place with a "salary cap", does not limit players NIL opportunities or money. They are two separate issues, doesn't matter if its acting LIKE a salary, its not one.

even if players were getting directly paid by the schools as employees, there would be NOTHING stopping them from earning NIL outside of that pay. no caps, no limitations. its why you see it showing up at the high school level too, and outside of sports.
It's wage fixing. You cannot agree with other employers in your industry to cap how much your labor can earn.

All the grocery stores (universities) cannot get together and agree that no butchers (players) can be paid more than $X.

It's illegal to wage fix. That should be obvious.
Are they employees? If they are taxes should be taken out and other things. Otherwise it can be fixed.
If NIL wasn't tied to the school, players would not be transferring to another school for better NIL deals.
Does that contradict anything I said? Everything depends on the language of the contract. If a player’s contract dictates that they must do events in-season in a certain city, they better be there or they’ll be in breech of contract and will owe money back. The smart ones won’t sign more than a 1 year deal. But they will be plenTy to sign a multi year contract that will make it harder to transfer.
Chicago, the Marshall Tucker Band, Genesis, the Moody Blues, Traffic, and Led Zeppelin send their regards.
I get it....its the wanting recognition for it that I am criticizing. None of those other bands did that.

I stand by my grown man comment. When I was in HS band, the whole flute section was female (side note..a good percentage of them were also hot :) ).A

And what you are talking about is actually a 70s phenomena bigger than just flutes. It was very common to use brass and windwoods of all kinds in the 70s and into the early 80s (mostly saxes and trumpets, but also quite a few trombones and yes, some flutes and clarinets). That of course mostly went away with synthesizers. I really got into music in 1982, by that time the synth revolution was in full swing. More recently I have occasionally listened to the 70s Sirius XM channel, and been amazed how many horns and woodwinds they used in the 70s. You forgot Steely Dan, among dozens of others.

Anyway, my point is not the flute so much as the (a) bragging they used it, and (b) PARTICULARLY the getting butt hurt that no one "gave them credit" for using it


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