'19 MS DE Charles Moore

Mar 1, 2012
As for Tennessee’s remaining targets, Moore has a natural tie to Auburn with his friend Jaren Handy already signed, but he’s already taken his OV with the Tigers last month. The 4-star lineman will go to Florida this weekend and looks to be set up to visit Tennessee on the 25th. That could move to the final weekend though. It will be interesting to see how hard Tennessee pushes for Moore over the coming weeks. He nearly flipped to the Vols this summer before both parties slowed things down. He has a lot of family in Nashville.
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Nov 15, 2017
If we closed with Moore, Pickens, Wright, To’oto’to, Cox, Harris and Russell, puts us at 287 numerical. Which would be good for top 3-5 rank the last several years, could be enough for top 3 this year depending on what other teams do
I am really feeling Pickens, Wright, To'oto'o right now and maybe flip Bogle, and retain Harris. That would be huge to me. Don't think Cox is in and really feel like Russell is a wait and see what the numbers are and who has committed at signing day, despite what the media is saying about him being a take. Just don't see them having the numbers if get/keep those 5 I named. I would say Russell is in if we lose out with Bogle and/or Harris. I also don't see us taking a grad transfer QBs either. If we do it would have to be someone like Hurts. They won't waste another spot for a Chryst.

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