Media Wars

Stephen A Smith will be a special guest of Life, Liberty, and Levin tonight. The show is on currently. He will follow Ron Johnson. I can't get a beat on Smith. I think he is a left leaning independent but I haven't figured him out.
Gronk and Camille Kostek are on Fox and Friends. His girlfriend is fine. She is showing that cleavage.
Typical left wing media hack ... this time in Canada.

Shame he isn't running for office here. Would be nice to have a "common sense" platform candidate. He had that idiot asking questions twisting in knots, lol.
Our pravada media at its finest ...

"We reviewed problematic social media posts by Mr. Hijjy when they first came to light in 2022 and took a variety of actions to ensure he understood our concerns and could adhere to our standards if he wished to do freelance work for us in the future," a spokesperson for the Times told FOX News Digital. "Mr. Hijjy followed those steps and has maintained high journalistic standards. He has delivered important and impartial work at great personal risk in Gaza during this conflict."
Hijjy has either had a byline or contributed to eight separate reports for the Times since Oct. 12, according to his author page.

His work includes the Times' coverage of the explosion outside the Gaza hospital this week, which the Times' and many other media organizations reported was an Israeli airstrike, citing Hamas officials' false claims.

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Loony leftist trash are so deranged & freaked out over Trump their lives will never be the same. 🤡 To go on national TV to say such bold face lies after lies is very dangerous. Anyone who would watch such trash gutter TV as the "View" is a lunatic.

Wow. I’m just looking for journalism that’s so wish washy I could get whiplash. Seems like this chick is all over the map.
Her quitting the NYT isn't recent it's been about a yearcI think. The left went after her because she was part of the release of the Twitter files.

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