Is this one of the other reasons the Lady Vols are struggling in HS recruiting?

While this is accepted LV canon, some insiders have pushed back on this. The other narrative is Pat wanted to coach another season and was actually holding out for Tyler to replace her, which looking back would have been even worse than Holly. Either way, Pat got unceramoniously dumped by the old AD and unimaginative running of the program won the day.

And yeah, the next one absolutely has to be right, and a clean break. Which is why I'm ok if it doesn't happen quickly, even if the prog takes on more damage.
That's inaccurate. Pat wanted to coach another year and have Tyler coach WITH her, but nothing was ever said about her wanting him to replace her. Pat knew that would not happen.
There is a young woman named Taylee Chirrick from Billings Montana that is averaging a triple double in her High School senior season who might be worth a look. Last game she had a quadruple double for the Rockets. Maybe someone like this as a PWO would be worth considering instead of players who spend 1 year and transfer out like the last 5 star we had or transfer in for 1 year and then are done. It's probably against inferior competition, but still consider the character she has displayed and what she has stated.

Here is what she said about playing basketball.

“It's something I never get nervous for, and I think that's a big part of it for me," Chirrick said. "I just go out and play the hardest I can. With running, I can't control me getting so nervous. I just love the feeling of going and playing something I really love to do and not getting those nerves when I just go and play hard."

Chirrick has stuffed the stat sheet in her year-plus playing for the Rockets, and accolades have rolled in such as a nomination for the McDonald’s All-America Game. She’s nearly 6 feet and can do anything on the floor, but, as she mentioned, it’s her non-stop motor that really sets her apart. She scored 21 points in her first game with the Rockets after the Chirrick family moved from Billings, and went on to have games of 51, 47, 42 and 40 points this season.

“My parents, they instilled me with the ability to just work hard and not want to stop, so I think even from a young age I always wanted to be working my hardest and do the best I can to pursue and keep working hard," Chirrick said

And her sister is a Freshman on the same team.

A win in Nashville tomorrow afternoon should help the Lady Volunteers's recruiting efforts in the mid state areas.
The win may help loosen attitudes for some in the midstate, but there is a hardened bunker of hatred for all things Lady Vols. Iykyk.
Holly was getting the job when Pat stepped down. "Should" she have gotten the job? Maybe not, but after what had just gone on during the 2011-12 season Holly was going to be allowed to be the successor. Pat may have wanted to coach another year but her health unfortunately didn't permit it.

Would any other coach have wanted the job then? I highly doubt it. Holly earned the right to try but unfortunately she wasn't HC material overall.

I felt Harper was a good, not great, hire but she did the right things to put herself in the position to try. For whatever reason the school didn't appear to be willing to open their wallet for one of the coaches who had proven themselves elite and it's likely the old guard wouldn't have desired the LVs to be coached by a male. That really limited the number of options available.

I don't see UT ever being at the level of ODU or La Tech because being in the SEC is going to always get a program more attention and fanfare than a less prominent conference. However, the LVs don't have the talent to be nationally competitive right now and even the SEC rank will be middle of the pack at best.

If the LVs miss the tournament, Harper is probably out of a job. The question then becomes who takes her place?
Lisa Fortier
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IMO one of our big problems has been trying to "resuscitate" something that's been dead for almost two decades. Of course that's a normal tendency with something and someone so iconic as Pat and the Glory Days. But that's a lost cause. Clinging to that instead of moving on has really hurt us

We need a dynamic coach who can create a new tradition, while always honoring the past but keeping it in the background. Let the old days finally rest in peace.
A new tradition would be winning like the old tradition. We need a coach that demands toughness and playing with passion and confidence. Not all assistants make great coaches. Harper did okay at North Carolina state but there aren’t a juggernaut nor is that conference. And okay doesn’t cut it here in the sec. Holly had zero head coaching experience and was a good cop assistant and was a great assistant but she wasn’t a head coach and wasn’t a good bad cop. Kellie isn’t much better at it. We need somebody with a different style, man or woman I could care less this program needs a new attitude like the old Tennessee squads had. These players don’t have the competitive fire and confidence needed. We are sloppy slow and weak.

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