Hochevar to start for Royals

Hochevar's third start got rained out. Hillman says they are just going to push everyone back a day so Hochever will start tomorrow. Not sure if Sabathia is going to pitch tomorrow or not.
the offense FINALLY comes alive for the royals in the top of the seventh and take the lead 4-2. Hochevar pitches a GEM. 6 innings, 3 hits, 2 runs (both earned), 6 Ks, 4 BBs and will have to settle for a no decision.

Edit: Actually, I'm wrong, Hochevar gets credited for the win. Good for him. He deserved it with that performance.
those walk #s are going to kill him. He's nasty, but nobody can keep getting away with pitching from behind and free runners.
Saw where Hochevar pitched 6 scoreless innings the other night to move his ERA under 4.00 in a win vs the Tigers. What a bust.
Its kinda like what you wrote on post #92 bill:

"No one's overreacting, we're just calling you out on this absurdness."
I said " I think he will be a bust." To that point in his career he hadn't shown me otherwise.
Hochevar update:

5.10 ERA, 6-7, 55 K, 95.1 IP, 102 H, 59 R, 54 ER, 9 HR, 40 BB
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We get it . . . but the statement is still no less out there.
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Who said he was going to come in and light the world on fire? Rookie pitchers don't about 95% of the time. He is still going to be a really good #2 or an average #1 in the future.
this will be my last post in this thread because there's no need to get everyone after me again but the reason why he's overrated imo is because he got dominated in the minors.
Dominated isn't the word I'd call what happened to him in the minors.

well not performing up to his draft spot.

Hochevar - 4.13 ERA, 207.1 IP, 8.73 H/9, 1.26 HR/9, 8.69 K/9
Bryan Bullington - 3.72 ERA, 604.2 IP, 9.09 H/9, 0.79 HR/9, 6.41 K/9.
Until the walks go down, and they will, he will continue to get hammered.

What the stats don't tell you, but do imply, is how many guys he pitches to from behind. Guys throwing a lot of 2-1 and 3-1 fastballs are going to get smoked.

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