Heupel buyout?

Perfect example of why Free Speech is not always a good thing....

/blue font (kinda)
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Firing the coach every time a season is disappointing is a sure fire recipe for disaster. Some of the lurkers around VN really need to take a deep breath and chill a little.
I get it, losing sucks, especially to out big three rivals. The Florida and Missouri games were absolutely inexplicable. But wait and see if this was an outlier year. Heupel has the best recruits we have had in decades coming in and he has shown that he can win with the right talent. Let’s see 2024 before we panic
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Free speech always a good thing. On the other hand, people have to deal with the repercussions of such nonsense. Other than that, I'm speechless. GoVols and Go Josh Heupel!!!
Yeah. I should have said /blue font as it was “tongue in cheek” response to this thread.
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The irony that we have a weekly “what other message boards are saying” thread. You need not look elsewhere to be entertained. I’m sure any fan of any other SEC team who’s been on volnation the last 48 hours is glued to this $hitshow and thanking their lucky stars they’re not a Vols fan.
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We have to attain more sustained success before we will be an elite program again.
I am so happy 7-4 feels like a let down.
We've come a long way, baby.
The insecurity of major-college athletic directors is comical. They give a coach, say, a 5-year contract--and if he has one decent and one good year, or just two above-average years, they feel they have to rush to give him an extension. The extension is given, and so the contract now stretches out for a ridiculous six year or so, and then if things go south, and they often do, you've got to pony up many more millions to cut the cord.

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