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Nov 8, 2019
I was also told from a source close to TE Kyle Morlock a TE transfer who officially visits on December 9th that FSU sits in a solid spot here after the Vols OC took the S Fla job. There is a tentative date to visit the Vols in the 16th so it will be interesting to see if he still visits. Either way feels like FSU is in a good spot.
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Nov 8, 2004
Prob wouldn't be able to lure him in or get him him to even sniff, but there's a young TE at ND buried on the depth chart that was the #1 rated TE coming out of HS at Hart County (GA) and top 30 overall for 2021. Had a handful of D1 offers after his sophomore year in HS and by the time graduated had around 19 D1 offers. He played some on speial teams last year as a Frosh and got injured and had knee surgery. Very limited if any action this year anywhere. He was also a CBK recruit, so he may be a little lower on Freeman's ladder. But, he also chose ND for the academic degree he'll get. Academically, he's a sophomore, but he probably has 3 years left after this year unless they can get him a medical on top of a RS. Then he'd have 4 years. (Cane Berrong #81).

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His D1 offer list was 17 P5 plus 1.
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