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Jun 11, 2012
Had to dig up this thread but I knew it was


Any advice on a 4 yr old throwing fits at bedtime? Our son is almost a perfect angel (seriously, I said ALMOST) all day until bedtime here the past month or so.....At bed time he'll lay down then start saying he wants different pillow case or a different blanket and after about 20 minutes it turns into a total fit for what seems like forever then he'll eventually get calmed down and fall asleep. We have pretty much figured it's him trying to fight sleep......any pointers or any others have a similar issue?
How do you respond when you have to go deal with him a bunch of times? We have a 3 year 3 month old, and she does the same thing sometimes. In my experience, she only responds with tantrums when I lose it first. It is VERY frustrating to have to go in there so many times (ours is double-angering because it's upstairs and I JUST WANT TO SIT HERE AND DRINK MY DAMN BEER. All I can say (again, my experience), is keep your cool and it will pass after a few weeks. They're just after the attention they get when you come in their room to put them back.

One thing that helped with one of my kids (didn't work for all), is just quietly and very boring-ly come back in there and put them back, or give them their blanket, don't look at them, and put them back and leave, saying nothing (except maybe a soft "go to bed").

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Nov 2, 2008
Something that I found worked great for my family. My dad kind of started a variation of this with me and my brother growing up and I perfected it with my son💪. Go halves on anything of any value that they just have to have starting with the tricycles then bicycles then guns then vehicles. It teaches real world economics of if you break it then you either have to pay to fix it or keep paying for your broken unusable junk until it’s paid off (to you for your half) before you can get a replacement. For example when I was 13-14 I wanted to buy a new semi auto shotgun and my dad offered to go halves with me. I could afford to buy the gun outright since I worked in tobacco fields in the summer but free money is free right? If I didn’t take good care of it (cleaned and put up after use) my dad could demand damages for surface rust or scratches etc.... I still have that Remington 1100 in great condition despite being used a lot. I went halves with my son on a used 2000 Toyota 4 runner withlike 105k miles on it when he was almost 16. He was responsible for maintenance and upkeep and I paid insurance. He drove it thru high school , when he went to college at western Carolina 5 hours away, after graduation, married and just last year (he’s 27 now) I got our truck back since he has a company truck and he and his wife both have newer vehicles. That 4Runner has 300k miles and my wife drives it I lieu of her car when weather is bad. He took good care of it because he had to since he didn’t want dad to repo his half.

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