Barnes on Developing Young Talent

Feb 22, 2016
Kelly's plate is full without taking the time to work with the individual players until their errors are erased. She does take the time as much as she can no doubt. Perhaps other assistants are trying but don't have the talents that Coach Jumper has verbally illustrated in his years as a very solid fan of the Lady Vols. Some people have talents others either do not have or talents that can vastly aid and contribute. Nothing to lose and much to gain by giving him a shot non-competitive to those already working in the program. As per the 3 musketeers ''one for all and all for one.'' The Lady Vols come to the great UT arena for the most part with simple high school training. The best of them have dreams of honing skills in Knoxville for the pro ranks. In the history of this nation a study of our great leaders victories in all fields and battles show choosing winning support in worthwhile endeavors is a win, win.

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