2027 recruiting

Final: CCS 52, Clarksville 47.
2027 Lauren Hassell 31 pts/ 17 rebs/ 6 stls/ 3 blks
2024 Imari Berry 23 pts
Berry had an off shooting night but Hassell is a superstar.
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After reading more about Lauren Hassell !

1. She has been playing up in high school since the 6th grade …..

2. She just scored her 1000 th point and still in the 8th grade !

3. She stands at 6’3” in the 8th grade .,,,, will she grow more ? 🤔
CCS also has another top 2027 prospect … 6’3 post Marley Spiers. She was very impressive as well
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As Tennessee's coaching staff looks on from the stands...

Sorry...when I first scrolled down, the pic didn't display. And I couldn't read any replies in Maria's tweet since she has me blocked for some unknown reason. Apparently, she doesn't appreciate scintillating humor. :(


Haha, you're welcome 😉

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