2025 Recruiting


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Nov 14, 2016
USA basketball is all politics esp the youth teams. Weird how Lauren Hassel was invited.
It's definitely in the senior teams too! Candace was a top 3 player in the world when she was cut. Diana is hanging on at 40+ to try and break the record for most olympics. The 2012 Olympic team had 6 out of 12 Uconn husky players.

The 3x3 team won but some of their selections were very questionable especially with who missed out on making the 5x5 roster!

I just look at all those players during those teams that didn't get to showcase their talents because of political reasons (ie Becky Hammond, Nneka O (who is the only MVP to next make an olympic squad), and many others).

Also, yes, politics has definitely been in the youth USAB as well. Finley Chastain keeps getting all these acknowledgements and all tourney teams playing up and she isn't one of the 2027 selected. I think Coach Sam's tweet a few weeks ago was about her not being able to be chosen. She is 15 in the 27 class. Nyla Brooks is another good one in the class of 25 but she doesn't get the shine like others but trust me she is good!

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