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Mar 22, 2008
Didja know that Tim Curry played "Pennywise the Clown" on the original "IT"
Did not know that...Have never seen the old or new "IT"

Quick story...Years ago, back in San Diego, I went with my then girlfriend to a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror movie...I had no idea what to expect...The audience was wild...A few of her friends joined us and they were dressed as some of the screen characters.....Fun people, but the weirdest group I had ever known...

After the show we went to some house party with them...The people were doing all kinds of drugs, which I don't do any drugs, or drink.....I was the only sober person among them...Most of the people were dressed as characters at the party too...

I was really out of place there....I left my then girlfriend at the party in a human pile...They were having adult fun...It was not my type of scene.
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