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    This is not even close to being all JG’s fault!!

    Witch Doctor say if you take the emotions out.... JG made a couple mistakes ( bad throws) but he didnt have time on those strips, Witch Doctor LOVE JChaney but he sometimes makes some bad situational calls. They couldnt handle those delayed blitzes Witch Doctor say on the other side. We wasnt...
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    We'll lose because. . .

    Witch Doctor say then dont watch and we'll let you know. Witchy been lurking for a while cleaning up all you guyz bad juju. lol Dont be bringing that stuff around here no more lol Bones Never Lie.
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    Shawn Shamburger back

    Witch Doctor love (s)hamburgers! wait what are we talking about? Witch Doctor hungry. Bones Never Lie.
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    Vols #12 in Coaches Poll

    @volmoon Witch Doctor been lurking lol. Sometimes Witch Doctor even little too much for Witch Doctor.. small doses but here lol Bones Never Li.e * W_D cant get multiquote thingy too work I think? lol
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    Vols #12 in Coaches Poll

    Witch Doctor dont know how to feel knowing we are ranked again. Looked good yesterday! Impressive, lets see a true test this week. Witch Doctor wanna believe, just been hurt before lol Bones Never Lie.
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    Albert Haynesworth arrested on domestic violence charge

    Witch Doctor say cant be hitting on Britney! Witch Doctor say you know better Al! Bones Never Lie.
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    StarRaider Witch Doctor hope she is ok. I have had some lung issues since, going to see a Heart and Lung Doc in a couple weeks. Cant breathe during exercise. Witch Doctor say SURELY its not the bales of Magic herb over the years? lol Prayers! Bones Never Lie. ( Witch Doctor can never get...
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    Witch Doctor got this in March but no symptoms other than low grade fever. Witch Doctor say its real. Wear a mask! Bones Never Lie.
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    Is Trey Smith returning?

    Witch Doctor pretty sure there has already been talk hes moving on. Witch Doctor say understandable, as no one knows time limit on his career because of this condition Witch Doctor say VFL go make some big boy money and remember your ole Witch Doctor lol Bones Never Lie. Merry Christmas Vol...
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    Jennings suspended for first half of bowl game (merged)

    Witch Doctor guess you went with make a ambiguous/confusing post about it(?) hah Bones Never Lie.
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    Jennings suspended for first half of bowl game (merged)

    Witch Doctor believe they wanted him suspended , end of career, because of the fervor reporting outside of Knoxville and how it was portrayed Nationally as JJ as some Thug. Witch Doctor really believe this is another Fulmer save with the SEC. Witch Doctor think him as AD is really why we are...
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    Is 2021 the year?

    Witch Doctor find Neylands lost 39th( sacred) quote, "Vol fans need not go predicting next season before we kick Candy Vandys peppermint butts at the end of this season. " Bones Never Lie.
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    JG received death threats earlier this year

    Witch Doctor say Vol fans needs to call out these low life children who make anonymous threats and tell ones who Boo at games to STFU ( same difference) Witch Doctor say Vols dont hate other Vols and JG is all VOL! Bones Never Lie.
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    Jarrett Guarantano, Week 13 SEC Offensive Player of the Week!

    Witch Doctor believe its perfectly ok to criticize a player for a bad game, play or etc BUT these weak wristed cowards who make anonymous death threats need to be found and weeded out. Witch Doctor say when someone BOOS at our home games, they need to be told STFU ( same/ no difference, right?)...
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    Own our JG comments

    Witch Doctor believe us TRUE Vol fans need to start calling and confront out these weak wrist, idiot fans that boo or spew hatred at a kid who WANTED to be here and after all that, STILL wants to be, and is forever...A VOL! If You hate JG then you hate the VOLS.. hes all VOL Great job JG and...

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