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    Did Travis Henry almost transfer before the 98 season?

    Lewis had to learn blocking assignments in the passing game was what I remember most like some have said..
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    4-star dual threat quarterback Kaidon Salter commits to the Vols

    Gonna soak in all this jealousy and different kind of hate, this is really starting to feel...well not gonna say it but all my Vol bro’s and sisters around 35-45 and older know what I’m talking bout... you young Vols are bout to experience something you’ve never seen, just starting to feel that...
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    Georgia throwing shade

    What a clown.. why are we giving this douche attention..
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    Maurer Instagram Post

    The older I get and more pressures that I deal with and hear of tragedies others deal with and I’ve known 2 that have done this, terrible deal for everyone. But you don’t know what hurt and pressure is on this person to do this, and this in their thinking is the exit from all this. I used to...
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    Maurer Instagram Post

    Thought wrong pal.. even the “old-timers” go thru this.. someone who woulda said this or thought of this would be POS in my book.. that’s just me though I like to think of myself as a decent human being..
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    Georgia throwing shade

    Tennessee knows about these what does Georgia know bout this.. #WGWTFA
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    '21 NC DE Isaac Washington (Tennessee commit)

    You coming at me bro?
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    '21 NC DE Isaac Washington (Tennessee commit)

    Ya see when he visited Ole piss is that when he decommitted I’m sure Kiffin told him to use the ol Rocker being gone hurt Tennessee , I enjoyed Kiffin not being in the SEC now I hate his a- ss im pretty sure Kiffin is looking at Tenn targets and getting in all their ears, he’s gonna be like a...
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    Where are we from?

    Meet me at the Waffle House brah... I’m in the Dirty Dova along with the Hman... West Tn in the house...
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    1st off-season blemish/UT missed J. Hardy already signed?

    Little harsh to ruin a young man’s career don’t ya think? Maybe at that age he’s not getting great advice.. I understand the anger but c’mon that’s little too much..
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    Moving the ball forward????

    You should know better.. maybe you’re soft as a marshmallow who knows.. anyways it’s football and everyone does it.. jus was a little more obvious than it should’ve been.. that’s all
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    Moving the ball forward????

    Wtf does that even mean, bro I’m 44 and there was no social justice warrior growing up, maybe you need a safe place to go..
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    Moving the ball forward????

    Really unbelievable but VN never lets me down win or lose..
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    Moving the ball forward????

    So... you play backyard ball?
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    Tennessee wins: College Football is on notice

    Sad... you sure you a fan of the Vols? Must of never played this team sport before or on an offensive line..

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