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    Travis: Tennessee Goes to Prom with its Cousin

    Heupel would not have been my choice either, but (until he proves otherwise) he's not as bad a Pruitt and the dolt who hired Pruitt. I think the NCAA is going to hit us harder than anyone since SMU. If he can hold things together during the sanctioned years, then he will have us better...
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    Heupel's MOU

    I'm with you on Fulmer being gone. At UT though, he's mediocre until he proves he's not.
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    What's the Shirt Say?

    His voice and mannerisms strike me as shifty. I would have no business dealings with him for certain.
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    NCAA Will Hammer VOLS

    I'm not too happy with this hire; however, I firmly believe that the hammer is going to come down on UT. A place holder might be just what we need. I hope Pruitt winds up taking Georgia and Alabama down with him.
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    Poll: Happy with Heupel?

    I agree with you. I think the sanctions will be so crippling that Heupel will be nothing more than a bridge.
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    Poll: Happy with Heupel?

    There is nothing to be happy about. His record, though decent, has been in decline from his first year. And he was poached from his old school by an AD who previously worked with him - this was planned and executed from day one. Having said all of this, if Heupel has a great staff, he should...
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    The names keep getting worse and worse

    And he says "aight" all the time and speaks with a lisp. His voice is kind of like a cross between Beldar and Mike Tyson.
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    We've got docs at UT and ETCH perfectly capable of treating sickle cell disease.
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    Connor O'Gara on Finebaum says

    Kevin Steele is a fine man, a great coach and a brilliant tactician. Plus, he's a UT man. I'm well aware of his abysmal record as Baylor's head coach, but that was 20 years ago and past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. If he winds up leading the team for a year...
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    Mario Cristobal being thrown around on VQ

    I can verify your verification - I live in north Idaho most of the time now. I have met Dick Mackey, famous dog musher and Iditarod winner, who told me he moved to Salmon, Idaho from Alaska because he was getting older and wanted warm winters.
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    It don't mean a thing...
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    Exactly right. Geez, we can't call a drunk a drunk anymore. What do we call them? Alcohol-challenged?
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    No, it's pure speculation on my part. But it does mesh with the lack of leaks from a new coach's previous university.
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    Some things might disappoint me, but I don't think anything will surprise me. It may turn out that the new coach is someone that we haven't even talked about yet.
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    Or they don't come from a school at all.

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