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    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen

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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Damn I love our new coaching staff!!!
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    '22 MA WR Elic Ayomanor (Stanford commit)

    We need more smart Elic's and Nimrod's on the team. Imo
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    My landlords wife got one, I thought it was a range rover until he told me otherwise, looks very similar. Looks good. I checked it out. Nice ride, they had to go all the way to Colorado to pick it up, my cousin got one and she had to go to st Louis to get hers.
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    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen

    I'm ready to get back on that green too.
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    '22 GA CB Andre Stewart (Kentucky commit)

    Only if you never want to be given a like again , then that Is how to do it.
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    '22 AR WR Charles “Chas” Nimrod (Tennessee commit)

    Spoken young man, well , he is.
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    Recruiting forum off topic thread (no politics, covid, or hot button issues)

    Its not even worth a response anymore.

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