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    2024 Recruiting Thread

    an aside from watching her games on u tube, her facial expression changes to more intense, when she has an offensive point guard plan/play. whether it is drive, shoot or pass. a non-expertise observation based on limited games - she lets the game come to her as the point guard, rather...
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    Parents, Peers and Press - from Pat Head Summit to today

    In the recent interview (outstanding if you are a fan and haven't watched you're missing out ) that our coach and Catching answered questions Maria noted 1998 was her first year of covering the LVs. She mentioned a new article that wondered if Kelli Jolly had the wherewithall to lead the...
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2022-2023

    If you have four minutes to invest to watching the summary of China versus Japan women FIBA 3 x 3 I guarantee you will have comments.
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    Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) Lady Vols Basketball

    from an ESPN feature article on Jonquil Jones and marketing The rise of NIL, which allows collegiate players to monetize their followings, may exacerbate some of these issues at earlier stages of athletes' careers. According to Opendorse, a company that works with 120 schools to connect...
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    Tennessee Lady Vol News

    FIBA 3 x 3 USA first two games with Burdick are available both close last to the end. If you've never watched driving for a layup has been rephrased to bulldozing to versus bulldozing away
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    Lady Vol Booster Club (the original one) why was it disbanded re NCAA rules

    I noted under NIL the name is being used again. When I lived in Knoxville (16 years ago) we were members and went to the events beginning the introduction of the team. We had officers and by-laws etc. Don't remember if it were registered as a non-profit? Obviously it violated some...
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    Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) Lady Vols Basketball

    I read an article on social media yesterday and the author equated responding and liking as "throwing darts at targets" based on perceptions.
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    Justine invited to USA Basketball trial

    Volfaninfl2 - the US team commited the flagrant foul and also fouled the three point shooter while holding a 12 point lead needing only to run out the clock.
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    Justine invited to USA Basketball trial

    If we were involved fans we would have been upset as in the last 1.36: a flagrant foul followed by a steal and fouling a three point shooter. (smile) I looked at the six game statistics and I wonder how the official scorer defines turnovers and shots missed as both were far more...
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    Justine invited to USA Basketball trial

    Trivia: who was third team all-state, but the only one from that state to be a McDonald''s All-American and a member of the US under 18 team? included for those who focus on ratings to prove that voters, experts, etc are just human beings with some knowledge.
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    Justine invited to USA Basketball trial

    for those who want a sample of her skills, particularly being a team player and doing the correct little things watch the last half of the third quarter and the fourth. Her entry passes are gauged not thrown. two of the three's she missed were in and out. After watching the twelve not...
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    Justine invited to USA Basketball trial

    thanks Coach, is it the standard in international ball, and/or other nations other than the US. I would also expect from watching that it effects dribbling as examples in every game of US players losing control.
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    Justine invited to USA Basketball trial

    Mexico's concentration on defending the point guard is intense, poking as well as double-teaming. After playing now four games together one came notice the improvements of team principles. too much dribbling possibly because they have few plays.
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    2023 Recruiting

    The recruits identified by Maria in the ONe on One article with the TN coach " Madison Booker, a 6-1 wing from Ridgeland, Mississippi; Jada Harrison, a 5-8 guard from Martin, Tennessee; Kymora Johnson, a 5-7 guard from Charlottesville, Virginia; S’mya Nichols, a 6-0 wing from Overland Park...
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    2023 Recruiting

    Maria M. Cornelius' interview with coach this week included several young women being recruited who are not on the current listing on this thread. and Strongly recommend you read the article

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