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    Lady Vol Defense and Rebounding Expectations 2021-2022

    We know the standard - defense and rebounding wins close games. Last year's team had defensive weaknesses. Who will be the player who can stay with the the top point guards? How well have the bigs learned to rebound and pass without offering it up to the smaller defenders? who can...
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    Made Madison Booker's top 9

    My take away is that she placed the LVs back up with the 2020 + top teams.
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    Predictions for the upcoming season.

    the away schedule has the bottom tier of the conference for four of the games old Miss, Georgia and Arkansas are winnable on the road. Texas A@M, KY, LSU and Miss State at home very favorable schedule . How many of the close games, the ones where the shots aren't falling will they...
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    It’s out! LV 2021 schedule

    I reviewed the rosters of those teams perceived by experts to finish in the lower tier of the SEC. Guaranteed wins? Florida, Vandy, Alabama. Auburn, Missouri. Our boarders write about the importance of the LVs playing as a team, that is equally true for any team. Old Miss is...
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    2022 Recruits

    PUN INTENDED - YOU both are totally missing the target of this thread
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    Recruitment thread sign in Nov 2022 Play in 2023

    front page of this thread up dated 9.10 to include new ratings from juniors 23
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    2023 Recruiting

    Page one of this thread Recruitment thread sign in Nov 2022 Play in 2023 updated 9.10 to include new rating from juniors 23
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    What teams do you want us to face out of conference?

    remember several years ago the LVs had all to similar of a preseason schedule. The question is how many losses (can be avoided by cupcake) versus how much growth early in the year for the team.
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    Recruitment thread sign in Nov 2022 Play in 2023

    first page of thread updated based on boarders' input 9.7
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    2023 Recruiting

    Today's example of the impact of social media - a quote from ESPN re football coach who's remark brought condemination from social media participants. "It's an old John McKay quote," Kelly told reporters in Tallahassee. "I was kidding. It was tongue-in-cheek. It wasn't funny? ... I was...
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    2023 Recruiting

    I'm old and gray but I wonder how many university bound (non-athletes) select the schools they apply to based on the hip and witty social media responses. Probably very few. Tomorrow the world will learn via social media the eleven universities a high school junior athlete has narrowed...
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    2022 Recruits

    Space log 4184 the thread continues to expand nearly 3800 posts in the last twelve months. Not sure what the thread is about currently - traveling where few humans have or want to go -definitely not about LV 2022 recruiting . perhaps we have entered a worm hole.
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    2022 Recruits

    definition of OPINION a view or judgment formed about something,not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. REASONED OPINION - opinion or decision that someone has reached after a lot of thought and based on the information and knowledge available. GAME TIME 'S AND CREEK...
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    Alumni Influence

    for me the related issue still remains paying families for players to attend = Interestingly for me Louisville got caught big time and within one year they had recruited the next top group of players. Now perhaps a player being recruited - if (translated into WHEN) you come we'll have...
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    2022 Recruits

    4000 posting on this thread - but few up to now inform on who will be the next recruit(s)

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