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    The scoop and score ruling…

    And I just watched the end of the SEC replay. Man they don't want anyone to question the zebras in that whole debacle. We. got. robbed.
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    AS long as we let it.
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    The scoop and score ruling…

    What a crock that they wouldn't show that. But again.. unsurprising. Thanks for that. You were spot on.... right at 6 minutes. Edit: I just watched it on Youtube.... (Thanks Freak!!!) and I didn't see any zebra signaling dead play... Couldn't hear a whistle (Thanks Neyland!) but there...
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    Fondest Bama Vol game you attended

    When the goalposts went down the Strip. I am told I was there. I think it was 82.
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    The scoop and score ruling…

    At what point in the game was this play? I was watching the truncated SEC network replay, and I don't think they showed it. How surprising. Anybody have a time mark on that play? I just don't remember when it occurred.
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    Noise Record Set

    Sorry. I am not buying any un-augmented level that high (Arrowhead). If they were piping in sound like the PAC 12 teams do, then yeah, but just people made noise? nah. I'm looking at you Oregon.
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    I will never be embarrassed to be a Tennessee fan.

    I hope you are right in that they want to play in front of crazy.
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    Flop montage

    Let's give Ole Miss the benefit of the doubt and say they really were injured. Saban should be skeered because we gonna put Bama in the freaking hospital.
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    Flop montage

    Not really, but thanks for the input.
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    The scoop and score ruling…

    And no visual signal either
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    SEC refs

    LOL... are you serious?
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    SEC refs

    I hope they don't suck as bad at their real jobs.
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    What every other college teams fans think

    Underrated POV.
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    Flop montage

    Thanks to our very own beloved 'freak'... we have this: I just don't have the time nor skills to do a cut and paste of those moments.
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    Harrison Bailey, thy time is now….


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