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    The call is just to easy to make

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    The call is just to easy to make

    Then you starT with a word that is CAPITALIZED!
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    Pruitt’s Contract and Buyout details

    Still, no one talks about the problem! Whatta we goin do about Phil Fulmer!
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    Taking the year off?

    they had better put something on the field we want to watch, or we're gone! history and tradition don't pay the rent!
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    Matt Campbell Iowa State

    what kink of reputation do you think Fulmer has among active modern day coaches? Has anybody ever asked Mike Leach what he thinks of Phil Fulmer. I think volnation fandom is probably not in sync with reality and national perception regarding Phil Fulmer!
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    Matt Campbell Iowa State

    yea, but he could come in here and have an office right next to a hall of fame national championship winning coach who could mentor him and guide him through rough times. What more could a bright young up and coming coach want?
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    Please post your Google Coaches here to consolidate all the the potential replacements for Pruitt.

    I'd like for someone to explain how the hell Phil Fulmer got a contract extension for a few more years! most of us gonna grow old and die and he will still be sucking on that tit!
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    Coach Mike Leach

    We had an athletic director who secretly flew to the west coast and had Mike Leach locked up. But back home we had a jealous old man who had to get his fingerprints all over it. Suck up to the president who was in over her head, confuse the issue, get Currie fired, and replace him with you...
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    Your feeling on the Auburn game and Future of UT Football

    some of you who are in the know enlighten us on what happened when we flirted with Freeze about joining the staff as an assistant. Means he does know us and has been here!
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    Why Would Freeze Do Well Here?

    How many times did they beat Bama?
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    Fulmer tests positive for COVID

    he is positive yet he shows no symptoms. I saw just yesterday that as many as 50% of young adults might be infected, but show no symptoms I've been harping on it all along--It's a bad deal for those who die from it but most don't even know they have it!! Lets hope coach Fulmer proves a point!
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    Every blog or fan page has driven

    it's hard to watch Ole Miss play and support this coaching staff. on second look, its not hard--it's impossible!
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    Why Would Freeze Do Well Here?

    Nicky can give you the best answer to this!

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