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    Pruitt support

    Sorry but the guy doesn't lose to ga state. We can't keep it close in year three. Good dc, not hc. Would like to keep him as dc.
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    Nyles Gaddy Article

    Or banks, my lord he is a crap mlb. But they keep giving the boy chances.
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    Auburn game may be affected by covid

    I had it same for me. They were fine, I had to go the er. Couldn't breath.
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    8 Vols assistants reject UT pay cut to help with losses due to covid

    Pruitt should get his. He will be gone shortly. I think Fulmer is pissed and fires him.
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    Tennessee can't afford to fire CJP

    I just venmoed Fulmer. He asked for 20. Said it was a good cause. I thought that 20 spot put us over the top.
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    '21 TN PG Kennedy Chandler (Tennessee commit 08.14.20)

    My favorite teams are the under dogs.
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    Would you Sacrifice Basketball for Football?

    Nobody says that for real. But hell man we are right now chief.
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    I was in line at GameStop for the PS5 with DJ Henderson. Here’s what i learned.

    I dont. Nor do I care. Me finding out inside info on ut is like me finding our how sears ran their operations.
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    Hugh Freeze mega thread and poll [merged]

    Sent a simple email to Fulmer. Just asking to think about it. Figured why not and I've been drinking.
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    Hugh Freeze mega thread and poll [merged]

    Nope he has 1 more year. Malzahn gets 3 years before they reach a fever pitch.
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    Waiting on Salter

    Where has that been this year. He benches crouch for a missed tackle for a guy he kicked off the team. Banks first step every play is lateral or backpedal. My point, he benches Crouch for a guy who does wrong and threatened a cop last year. But he hasn't bench jg once this year. I think pruitt...
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    Bailey led the team in passing

    I honestly don't care. We are not good. We can agree on that.
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    Qb over reaction?

    I agree. Not sure if it's the players, feel upper management is letting them down. Hard to see what Weinke is doing to help them.
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    Bailey led the team in passing

    Well he played 1 quarter at the most versus bama. Not sure if he finished or played the whole game in the rest. But bama was very little. And he didn't play many full games at all last year.
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    Bailey led the team in passing

    Maurer threw a ton of picks against elite. Maurer should not be a drop back. Hes a rollout, scrambler, zone read type. Not how our coaches use him at all. Bailey should be straight drop. Our coaches make no adjustments to the kind of talent we have. Pruitt can't fix it bc he doesn't understand...

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