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    The Official Tennessee @ #6 Kentucky Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Congrats on the very nice win, Vols. From a Memphis Tiger.
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    The Official #19 Tennessee vs. #13 Memphis Game Thread

    Not true. Vols were better coached. Just couldn’t hit wide open shots.
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    Vols 19th in KenPom Rankings

    There is a lot of potential. However, they are basically a freshman team with a still-unproven head coach.
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    The Official #3 Tennessee vs. Georgia Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    Really nice win, Vols. I'm a Memphis fan but have to tip my hat to your BB team, one that is made up up of relative unknowns but plays like a real, cohesive team. Barnes is proving to being a really good choice, much to my surprise. However, I like to see teams like yours (with no OAD's) do...
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    Memphis fan basketball IQ

    Congrats to UT for the win. You definitely have the better team, both in size and talent. Barnes has really come into his own at UT - not sure why he was unable to do this at Texas. However, I was OK with our effort in coming back and keeping within striking distance. It would have been a 20...
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    Pruitt on Tennessee: "I've never seen a place that looks like this"

    Alabama has Coon Dog Cemetery - now top that!
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    My Updated Wish List

    I might put Strong at the top of that list. He did well at Louisville and has built a very good team at USF in a short time. Don’t know what happened at Texas. Whoever coaches there seems to have problems. Wealthiest public university, great recruiting area - the big mystery is why they...
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    Cut told us no

    Cutcliffe’s too dang old to rebuild a program. He’d rather sail into the sunset at a BB-first school, where they are satisfied with just having a winning season.
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    Stupidity has an extremely high cost.

    Depends on how the MOU was worded. If it was an “exploratory” MOU only and contained the necessary escape clause legalize, then probably not. If it was a “we’re all in” MOU and did not, then I would say yes. Might take $1M to make him go away.
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    Happiness could change quickly to......

    Actually, from what I’ve seen, Mark Stoops wouldn’t be a bad hire.
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    Mike Hamilton Says

    Don’t think he’d pick Nebraska over UT. Too hard to get good recruits to go there. However, Florida’s a different story.
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    Mike Hamilton Says

    First, I’m a Memphis fan. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out this fascination some of you have with Gruden. He hasn’t coached in at least 10 years, he has no current recruiting pipeline or staff, and, to my knowledge, has never been a college head coach. He sounds good while doing...
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    With 20/20 hindsight, who would have been better than Butch?

    Fuente would have been UT’s best bet, indeed. As a Memphis fan, I’m glad you didn’t get him but he is an awesome coach. Anyone who could rescue Memphis from the football despair we had long been in should have been taken very seriously as a potential coach. Also agree about Stockstill.
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    It is sad that

    As a Memphis fan, I think we have a better coach and QB than UT, as well as a dependable walk-on receiver. Other than that, UT has the talent edge at pretty much every position, as well as depth. We played with a lot of heart last Saturday, but to say that UM has a better FB team than UT is a...

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