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    Genius of Fulmer?

    Couldn't get hired anywhere else after we fired him, I'd say that's a failed coach.
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    Friend took a paycut.

    Doesn't coach like one.
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    Looks like Lucy pulled the football out again....

    A little Jack helps too!
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    Maybe I've been wrong...

    Funny, CPF couldn't get another coaching position any where, that should say something about his coaching ability.
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    Be glad we are not in a coaching search this year...just look at Auburn

    Then the NCAA would really be camping out on the campus.
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    They can get rid of Pruitt without a big pay out per clause and then get Freeze or Sark up in here.

    Not Freeze, we're already getting NCAA attention, don't need more.
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    Keep Pruitt he is learning and making changes: offense

    It's time, fire PRUITT, Fire CPF.
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    Post game quotes

    Don't you mean the first quarter?
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    Poll: Would you have Kiffin back?

    Defense wins championships
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    Disturbing Kroger in Hendersonville

    Even rats jump from sinking ships.
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    Pruitt Post Kentucky ASSwhipping

    Four games into the season and the defense STILL can't stop the slant.
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    Pruitt Post Kentucky ASSwhipping

    Haven't you heard, we're a basketball school now, Kentucky is a football school now.
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    Bring on Bama

    Oh yes it can!
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    Is Tennessee the new Minnesota?

    Guess you haven't heard, we're a basketball school.

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