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    Your "sleeper" picks for the SEC divisions......

    Auburn and A&M in the West, Fla and Tennessee in the east. Ky will be better and so will South Carolina
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    Which is better

    To keep team totally safe and Covid free all summer, or to have what Clemson and LSU are going thru where already more than half of their players have already tested pos and more positive tests appearing weekly? As much as it hurts isolating and quarantining now, they will be past it for the...
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    Second Vol tests positive for COVID

    This is the new normal, not a doubt in my mind that there will be games where several key players will miss while in quarantine. In football position groups are together constantly so there is a chance a team may lose most of the QBs or OLine for 2 weeks. However fans will still b!7ch about...
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    Beattie Feathers

    Beattie is an old Cherokee word. It literally means Bama Sucks!
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    Football isn’t happening...

    Just consider, this isn’t the flu. With the Flu maybe a few players get it and if they feel better by Fri night or Sat morn they will play on Saturday. With Covid, if a player tests positive, they will be quarantined for 2 weeks. Imagine if Clemson had to play this Saturday without 21 players...
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    Football isn’t happening...

    As we worry how and what college football will be like , even with medical staffs and controls in place, It seems to me the bigger question will be HS football this fall. Some states might or might not allow it. Where that really becomes an issue is recruiting to the 2022 class with no films, no...
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    Antique Tennessee bottles

    I have several of the 85, also I have a good friend who worked in the product sampling room who filled 2 of those bottle with orange soda and capped them and snuck them out. I have one and he has one. Maybe the only two of its kind
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    Really UF? [discontinues Gator Bait cheer]

    Well So Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, Owned a Cotton Plantation in South Carolina in the 1850s and 1860s,,,, so???
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    Pick your poison qb room

    I know this wont be popular, but I am totally fine with a 85% 4 yard and cloud of dust ground game that wins ball games 10-6, or 13-3.. Dont turn the ball over, control the clock, depend on strong special teams and a shut down defense. Whichever qb can execute that and not put team at risk I am...
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    Anything on 1st Practice today?

    I think that players are allowed to use weight and training room; However I don’t think their can be ANY Coaches, Strength coaches, staff, trainers, video, etc allowed. Players only. Kind of like before the 15 season
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    No Positive Tests

    Correct me if I am wrong , but NO coaches, trainers , GAs , asst anything’s are allowed to be in weight rooms with the players or during any conditioning in or outdoors?
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    Harrison Bailey's potential for the Vols

    It would have really helped him to go thru spring practice. The situation kind of cut him off at the knees. Now he basically is just an18 year old True Freshman QB in the SEC which is very tough (ask P Manning)
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    Level of confidence

    What is your level of confidence now that it’s June, that Cade Mays gets cleared, and that Banks is reinstated? Compared to your thoughts in early March.
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    Brandon Kennedy: Pruitt's honesty separates him as a coach

    Kennedy said. “As a coach and everything, that's the No. 1 thing that an athlete or a student athlete ... that's the No. 1 thing you look for. You just want somebody to be honest with you, What is "Things never said about Butch Jones"? for 1000 Alex

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