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    Will Coach Pruitt Get A Raise?

    yes he should get at least 2 year extension ( helps recruiting) and 15% upward at least. Take him to 4.6+,
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    Cade Mays and Amari Rodgers

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    Most Hated Teams Outside The SEC?

    Notre Dame
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    Warrior Recognized as PFF College All-America Honorable Mention

    Player Development,,,,,,,finally seeing it in Knoxville again on a large scale.
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    Predict the Class...

    16, but if we really buckle down 14. And, as we all know 14 is SOOOO much better than 16
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    How many seniors pass on the bowl game?

    Which of the Srs or Jrs would skip playing in the Bowl Game in order to protect themselves for the NFL? It happens a lot, times have changed.
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    '21 TN RB Marcus Taylor II

    2021 Class,
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    Tyler Byrd

    I Remember the day the General tweeted this out!!
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    Giving our D it's due credit

    If you noticed in the last 5 games of the year, Bitulli did not have to do that with the DLine anymore, they knew. Then is when things got better for everyone.
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    Giving our D it's due credit

    First few game you basically had all first year starters on the DLine.. Thats never good! .. As they gained experience and improved, the LB and DB play was positively affected
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    Ole Miss

    Dearre Mcdonald, Oakland HS Murfreesboro **** DB
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    Happy Thanksgiving To All The Volnation Posters!

    Thats Ok! Behr was raised right! However, know that I'm not joking about running it up!
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    Schiano close to deal with Rutgers

    If you thought Vol fans reactions to Schiano was bad, watch this !!
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    Happy Thanksgiving To All The Volnation Posters!

    BEAT vANDY! Be up by 52 with 1 min to go, score a TD, GO FOR 2, ONSIDE,, Repeat
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    Fist fights during games

    Saw a Memphis fan get tossed about 6 rows down the steps in LL in the late 80s, after he threw ice

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