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    What Grade Would You Give The 2019-2020 LadyVols And Coach Harper?

    I agree with Chitown above. I go to the games and I watch on tv. Make your own observations. It has gotten worse as the year goes on, as has the team. He does not join in the coaching chats, talks to individual members of the team while Coach Kellie is coaching the whole group. He always sits...
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    Tbh Kellie...

    I believe Kellie has got this! She can do it. But she needs the same freedom other coaches have, of not having her husband sitting next to her every minute telling her what to do. It has gotten worse as the year progressed. Observe for yourself!
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    Game Thread: SEC Lady Vols v Lady Tigers

    We have one coach who is coaching behind the back of our head coach and does not participate like the other coaches. He is very domineering. Don’t take my word for it. Observe! Not good for the players.
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    glad we fired Holly for this

    We only need one Harper on the bench and that is Coach Jolly. When you are at a game, make your own observations. Our team has made a lot of progress since last year and hoping that continues.
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    Harper, Sullivan officially announced as assistants

    I wanted Becky Hammond (who, BTW, is being considered for head coach of the Lakers), but once Kellie was named, I got behind “our coach”. But her husband as an assistant, I’m sorry, not right, not what it seems, not in the best interest of the team, it’s not going to work. Now it’s a bad choice...
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    Kellie Jolly Harper is coming home

    We can’t even get a formal announcement about a women’s coach because all the AD’s time is spent making sure we don’t lose the men’s coach. First things first!! Also we know where extra money from the budget’s basketball coach. Also did we hire her husband as co-coach? Can she not...
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    Melanie Balcomb will interview....

    Becky Hammond, Becky Hammond.
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    Looking like KJH is the play

    Becky Hammond, Becky Hammond, Becky Hammond.
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    Looking like KJH is the play

    Sorry, a spouse as a Co-Coach is a negative not a positive. Hire one person who can do the job.
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    Search For Lady Vols Basketball Coach

    Kelly Harper was a great player, I would guess a nice person, but her husband is “Co-Coach”. Seriously!!!
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    Looking like KJH is the play

    Kelly Harper was a great player, I would guess a nice person, but her husband is the “Co-Coach”. Seriously??
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    Tennessee parts ways with Holly Warlick

    I mentioned it yesterday! Would be great!
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    Walz Declines to Comment

    Becky Hammond for coach!!
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    So who do you hire?

    Becky Hammon, YES!
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    Tennessee UConn Rivalry Renewed (UPDATED)

    The news release indicated “a portion of the proceeds” will go to the PS Foundation. What portion??

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