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    Do we really understand??

    We're younger now.
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    Bunch that just don't get it !

    Are you saying "We've finally found ourselves a real football coach boys"?
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    Tennessee's QB situation under Heupel

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    UT football ALMOST nonexistent to recruits?

    UT Football is almost nonexistent to fans. fyt
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    More minutes for Nkamhoua

    Have you watched the 21' version of the Incredible Fulk? It is precisely like what you wrote.
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    Josh Heupel: Vol Legend in the Making

    No doubt. It's March now. I expect us to be 7-5 by months end. By June we should be 8-4 to 9-3 and challenging for the East if the ball bounces right. By mid August were looking at a probable 10-2 or 11-1 and a roll of the dice in SEC Championship game. Here we go again folks ... The Vol...
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    Tennessee Had 8 Returning Players This Year

    Lotsa frustration w this group. Here are my top 5 reasons ... #1 Many have forgotten that last year's team didn't come close to sniffing the tourney. That was our starting point. It's a loooong way from there to a Final Four #2 The goo goo eyed star gazing blinded us from the fact that we...
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    Okay, for real: what, exactly, is wrong with Fulky?

    Whatever it is, he cannot catch or handle a basketball. He looks like a one armed paper hanger fighting with the thing any time someone feeds him in the post or he goes for a rebound.
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    Ty Simpson to Bama

    Well, ironically it appeared that the young man was headed here to be under Pruitt to join that offensive juggarnaut. That alone should make one question his decision making skills.
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    Tyus Fields Still On The Team ?

    Probably couldn't break into the rotation of elite production that we had at DB last year.
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    To Tee Martin and Jay Graham...

    OP, you shoulda pulled out all the stops and written the mighty Open Letter!
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    Pruitt Mentor Rush Propst In Trouble

    Can't argue with winning, right?
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    UT would have gone 6-6 if they'd played a normal schedule last year....

    Who knows. Early, we looked like we might be a .500 SEC team. Didn't take long to fix that.
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    UT would have gone 6-6 if they'd played a normal schedule last year....

    "We've got ourselves a real football coach, folks"! - VN, circa 2018
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    What was it like attending UT in 1998?

    Were you the one with that %¥¢×π√ rose in your mouth when the camera panned over there?

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