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    UT Vandy 730pm

    SEC alternate channel announcers > Gary Danielson
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    8 Vols assistants reject UT pay cut to help with losses due to covid

    Football season isn't over. No reason for me to make up a number. Go ahead and do your research about what athletic programs bring in money and how much or just deflect to a question that is not able to be answered. Either way is cool with me.
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    8 Vols assistants reject UT pay cut to help with losses due to covid

    I've seen this response from you a couple of times now. Since you like to do financial research about the University of Tennessee Athletic Department, go ahead and show us the revenues these sports bring in. Then add all those revenues together and compare them to what football brings in. I'll wait.
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    Post Your Voter Fraud Evidence Here

    It's wild in Philly right now.
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    QB decisions

    I truly believe JG must be a much better QB in practice than at game speed. He seems to have a very difficult time making good decisions in games. His indecisiveness creates time for defenses to react to his throws. CJP even alluded to that post game when he said throwing the ball 35 TDs across...
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    Bailey took every snap during scrimmage

    I was scrolling this thread to see if anyone posted this My guess is CJP with Harrison Bailey taking all the snaps in Sundays practice is sending a message to Guarantano to get better or move on.
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    My thoughts on the Georgia game, after sleeping on it

    I believe Bryce Thompson was trying to punch the ball out. The fact that he missed the ball and a player just shows he wouldn't be much of a boxer.
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    Florida teams now allowed full stadiums

    Fills up every year for the worlds largest outdoor cocktail party.
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    Pruitt Vs. Leach - Approval Poll

    Agreed with the ridiculous contact tracing. I'm not salivating over Mike Leach. I do think he's funny and time will tell on if his system will work long term. CJP is on year 3 and has the opportunity to use players he's recruited. Leach has been in Starkville for less than a year, with a qb who...
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    Pruitt Vs. Leach - Approval Poll

    All SEC teams are dealing with the "Not Normal" season. Mississippi State and Tennessee do share 8 common opponents. Not sure what your point is?
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    We missed him a lot against South Carolina. When will he be back?
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    Tennessee vs South Carolina replay

    I will admit I got deep in my cup before game was over. When will SEC network replay the game? Need to watch while not inebriated 😂
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    Pruitt Vs. Leach - Approval Poll

    Mississippi State and Tennessee share 8 common opponents this year. Should be interesting to see how everything plays out.
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