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    Countdown to September 3rd vs Ball State (Top 250 Vols)

    I would have put him on for his performance in the '83 game in Birmingham as well.
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    Will Barnes Wear An Orange Sport Coat?

    My screen name comes one of my earliest vivid memories of Tennessee football, the two-point conversation to beat Clemson in 1974. Both were my heroes.
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    Will Barnes Wear An Orange Sport Coat?

    Maybe compromise and wear an orange pullover?
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    Kirby = Fulmer

    Unless you're Butch Jones
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    TD that put UGA up 8

    Right after that TD, I mentioned that very point to a couple of my friends who are Bama fans. There has been no response.
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    2022 CFP National Championship Game Thread: UGA -vs- Alabama

    I still despise Florida and Kentucky more than Georgia (barely) but as far as SEC coaches go, Kirby is at the top of my crap list. I respect Saban, there is absolutely no respect for Smart.
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    The Dog is showing the country what he's all about today. And just as I typed this, Emmanuel Mosley just got a pick. VFLs showing out in the FOX Game of the Week.
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    Countdown to first pitch

    Boy, does it ever seem like a small world! When I worked as an usher for the now-defunct Southern Illinois Miners in Marion, IL, I met another guy that played for A-J named Cody Livesay who played for the Gateway Grizzlies. Because of that, I got to know his family quite well. Cody also played...
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    Got him - transfer Isaiah Neyor commits to UT

    Fortunately, he's got time to practice. 😉
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    Maryville Teen Marries 72-year old Grandmother

    Very true. It's usually more like a cross between Chris Christie and David Brinkley.
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    Countdown to first pitch

    Thanks for this mention. He went to Anna-Jonesboro HS here in southern Illinois, not too far from where I live and teach. I got to see Josh play basketball in our Eldorado Holiday Tournament and a few times in baseball. I'm always glad to see someone from So Ill choose to continue their athletic...
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    What Other Fans Are Saying About The Call At the End

    And, as I stated, excessive Jack Daniels and a near fatal case of BVS helped form this view.
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    What Other Fans Are Saying About The Call At the End

    I normally don't do this, but I have a conspiracy theory about the NCAA. Since Tennessee did its due diligence and conducted its own investigation, and coaches/players involved were fired or transferred out, the NCAA feels left out of the process. Because of this, the NCAA has informed the SEC...

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