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    Obscure shows you enjoy...

    It definitely got worse over time...but Iā€™m invested and want to see it through to the end šŸ˜œ
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    Obscure shows you enjoy...

    @CagleMtnVol Need Van Helsing to complete the set!
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    Obscure shows you enjoy...

    Wynona Earp Van Helsing (both on Netflix - Van Helsing was also on SyFy)
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    Josiah James to announce Wednesday

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    Justice League

    The Legion of Doom
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    East Tennessee High School football memories and stories.

    I played for Coach Young at OR, too. 84-86 (graduated in 87)
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    '17 IN JUCO PG/SG Chris Darrington.

    Bill Cartwright says hello...
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    AR-15 Builders

    Thinking about a Sig M400 in .223/.556 $1049 @ Cabelas; nitride barrel; pop up sights; mag pull furniture; etc. Any opinions? Other comparable options? Thanks in advance!
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    Top 5 things to know for those going to Vols-ETSU & TV

    I was there all four years with Mister Jennings and company! Awesome games vs. Marshall and UTC...
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    The "Gobble, Gobble" Postgame Report

    Good summary...nice job!
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    Sports Headlines September 6, 2015

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    Our Backup QB Is....

    FYI-his hometown is Knoxville, TN. He's a preferred walk-on from Grace Christian Academy

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