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    Who Was The Best Tennessee Football Father-Son Legacy

    I agree. Not really a contest.
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    Question for you old timers

    I do not know that much about Woodruff. He did a lot of good at Tennessee one of which was getting lights installed at Neyland stadium. My dad told me that the reason Woodruff wanted Battle was that Woodruff could control Battle easier than Majors. If Woodruff had agreed to hire Majors, Majors...
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    Question for you old timers

    I was born in 1965 but I studied the history of UT football. If you will watch a video called 100 years of Volunteers Col. Tom Elam explains what happened when Dickey left. Other trustees including Col. Elam wanted to go with Majors then but the AD at the time Bob Woodruff wanted to hire Battle...
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    152 - 52

    Fulmer lost to Vandy one time in 17 years. Jones has already lost to Vandy twice.
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    Sorry, No Hot Seat

    Mike Hamilton fired Coach Fulmer mid-season and the football program still has not recovered. I believe that Currie worked for Hamilton when Fulmer was let go.
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    Did Currie blow it?

    Yes Currie blew it. Mike Hamilton 2.0
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    Offensive strategy question

    I hope that you are right about the OL. I believe that there must be a huge improvement in the OL as well as the defense as a whole. If the team plays like they did last year they will lose at least 5 games.
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    everybody seems

    I agree. We have more questions about players, positions, and coaches than last year. I like Jones personally but after losing to S. Carolina and Vandy last year I really doubt he can do the job at UT. A bigger problem is if Jones is fired the new ad Currie, a clone of Mike Hamilton, will be...

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