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    '22 TN ATH Jaxon Adams

    Don't know him personally and I'm no scout, but he comes from a good family. Dad is principal at Oak Ridge High School (also very athletic) and I think he was one of the top students in the class.
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    '22 TN ATH Jaxon Adams

    He graduated high school this year, so he'd be a 2021?
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    ‘23 TN WR Adarius Redmond

    Powell High School. Holds multiple SEC offers. Adarius Redmond on Hudl
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    Are stadium light shows the next phase of the facilities arms war?

    Lane Kiffin likes them just fine down at FAU this year for their 4th quarter hype. I think it brings more energy than holding 4 fingers up, but at some point this will be the new holding 4 fingers up to the programs who can afford new lighting systems...
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    247 podcast talks of JG transfer

    Edit: Reading > me, the post was talking about Jennings and not JG. My bad.
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    Maybe a Leader has Emerged?

    Probably just had their fantasy football drafts at this time.
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    '17' TN ATH Tee Higgins (Clemson commit)

    Tennessee Titans Mr. Football Awards Mr. Football for TN - Class 5A Back
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    Someone please tell me this stat isn't true

    Well, also saw this one posted, so I can believe it. College football teams are 188-3 this season when leading by 13 points or more in the fourth quarter. Tennessee has two of those losses.
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    '15 TN WR Van Jefferson

    I believe I saw 3:45pm EST... Someone already beat me to it.
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    '15 TN DT/OL Zach Stewart (UT Signee 2/4/15)

    Named a TN Mr Football Finalist: 5 Vol Commits Named Tennessee Mr. Football Finalists
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    This Is Our Football Coach!

    Patience people, patience. Rome wasn't built in one day. No program can survive this many coaching changes in a handful of years combined with this schedule and run the table.
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    A little bit of Manning humor for the day

    Another one I saw today:
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    Official Women of Austin Peay Thread

    Dance team again...

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