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    Brian Maurer starting against UGA

    You got this kiddo. Don't forget to get a little arch under the ball.
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    Grant will test the NBA draft waters

    My head snapped around when one of the reporters asked how much his decision will depend on whether Bone comes back or not. I hadn't seen or heard anything from Bone to suggest that his decision is soft or that he is keeping the door open to returning, but maybe I've missed something.
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    Schofield story on CBS Sports

    Great article, thanks OP. This morning feels magical. I feel like if this team has realized the full gravity of where they're at and is prepared to lock in for the full game, no one can beat us. No one. GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!
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    FWIW Purdue beat Iowa by 16

    90% of the game is half mental.
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    We blew a 25 point lead?

    I almost almost almost wanna say that I'll feel more comfortable against Purdue if we're up by a couple points at the half or even trail by 1 or 2 than to go in with a double digit lead. Crazy? Maybe, but I really think we will tend to play a better 2nd half if we're feeling some pressure.
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    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    Auburn's big win over us came primarily from 2 things: shots attempted and our numerous turnovers. We actually out shot them percentage-wise, but they scored 18 pts off of our 17 turnovers (which was basically the difference in the game), and they attempted far more shots. So basically they won...
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    Game Day Rituals?

    Hoping you won't have to pace long today my friend!
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    Game Day Rituals?

    They do get a bit more intensive around tourney time for me. Basically I begin involuntarily rounding anything Orange up from around the house until it all comes together in a Big Orange shrine on the dining room table. I live in the Northern VA/Washington DC area, but I did manage to make it...
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    Colgate talking trash?

    << Insert lame toothpaste joke here >>
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    Perhaps we can dub them...ESZN?
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    How Far do the Vols Go?

    Cincy is legit, no doubt about it. That said I'm not as concerned as some about the whole "home game" thing for Cincinnati. Of the 3 true road games we dropped all season, Rupp was the only one where I'd say the crowd got to us to any degree. Overall I think the Vols have handled themselves...
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    Colgate talking trash?

    The cutest.
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    Score Prediction -- VOLS-Coalgate

    Assuming Auburn didn't do irreparable harm to our self esteem, I imagine the Vols win this one going away. I'll say 93-68.
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    Colgate talking trash?

    I am the fat cousin. Damn.
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    UT- colgate 2:45 CBS friday

    How can we possibly get up for Colgate when they're busy posting things like this on their message board right now?...

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