FreakNotes: Vols vs Maxims vs GT; Berry injured; New Peyton commercial

Tennessee Vols Football News

September 8, Friday

  • Friday is finally here, meaning it’s getting close to football time. Roll call for who rocked the orange gear today? Anyone checking out any high school football tonight? Let me know in the comments below what your plans are for the weekend.
  • Final reminder for this week’s pick contests. — Pick the Score Contest for Indiana State | Weekly College Football Pick Contest.
  • Back by popular demand, although a bit delayed this week due to the first game being on a weekday, is OneManGang’s weekly maxims post: Tennessee vs The Maxims vs Georgia Tech. Read it.
  • One of everyone’s favorite VFLs, Eric Berry, went down last night in the Chiefs opening game against the Patriots with what appeared to be an Achilles injury. We wish him a speedy recovery. As well all know, nothing can stop that man. I’m confident he’ll be back and better than ever.
  • On the injury front, we learned yesterday that Marcus Tatum is out for Indiana State. Tyler Byrd, Latrell Williams and Josh Smith are questionable. And there hasn’t been any definitive news about Vickers, Berry or Tuttle.
  • Expect to get your first real game look at Jarrett Guarantano tomorrow. Butch assured us that both quarterbacks will play against the Sycamores.
  • Tennessee defensive coordinator Bob Shoop has asked that we reserve judgment on the Vols’ defense. “I wouldn’t make too many judgments based on that one game,” he said “Wait until we get into a more traditional game. … I came in and watched the film early Tuesday morning, and after I watched the first half, some guys started trickling in, and I (said), ‘You know, we played really good in the first half.'” … “I do think we wore down, but I wouldn’t make too many judgements. I think the identity of a team and the identity of a unit kind of evolves after the first couple of games, so I’d give it a little bit more a chance before you make too many judgments about who we are and what we’re about.”
  • Tennessee offensive tackle Trey Smith made Pro Football Focus’ list of top ten athletes who made strong impressions in their debut.
  • As was expected, Florida canceled it’s game with Northern Colorado this weekend. How do you think that will affect them for the Tennessee game, assuming it doesn’t get cancelled too?
  • Did you see Peyton Manning‘s new Nationwide commercial with Brad Paisley?
  • SEC Network analyst Matt Stinchcomb really likes John Kelly “I had @Vol_Football John Kelly in my top 5 RBs. Only 1 game in but the more I watch him the more I think I had him too low”
  • We now have an official injury thread, unfortunately.


  • -SEC Network analyst Matt Stinchcomb really likes John Kelly: “I had @Vol_Football John Kelly in my top 5 RBs. Only 1 game in but the more I watch him the more I think I had him too low” –

    I was watching SEC Now when Stinchcomb listed Kelly as #4 of his top 5 backs and I remember when he made the pick Dari Noka (sp?) snickering and saying “really?” like he thought it was a dumb pick. Going to enjoy watching Kelly shock some people this season.

  • Yeah, wore big orange shorts and grey t-shirt with orange helmet outline on front. I only won 1 out of 3 basketball games in it this morning, so I am kinda worried about the game tomorrow.

    I will simply be watching at home. Sometimes I enjoy these afternoons the best: we expect to win, we get to play lots of folks we only hear about most of the year, and hopefully none of our starters get hurt. Besides, these (fan’s) hearts need a break, after Monday night.