Yup. No such thing as bad press. He took a cue from the Prez.

He just tossed a match into the gasoline drum.

Kanye West says 400 years of slavery was a choice for African-Americans | Fox News

Kanye West just said 400 years of slavery was a choice - CNN

Kanye West Stirs Up TMZ Newsroom Over Trump, Slavery, Free Thought | TMZ.com

Kanye West just told the TMZ newsroom why he believes slavery is a choice and why he decided to sport his Make America Great Again hat ... and it all went down Tuesday morning on "TMZ Live."

Kanye appeared on the show with Candace Owens where they explained "free thought" and how it can make the world a better place ... from a place of love.

During the conversation Kanye said, "When you hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years?! That sounds like a choice."

Van from our newsroom took great offense and fired back. Things got intense and ultimately led to a face-to-face at Van's desk.

Though I will say watching the interview, that slavery comment is taken a little out of context with his follow up.
Bet you five VN bucks within the next day or two, a "clarification" will be published by one of her staff to the effect of "her words were taken out of context and she really meant this..."

I don't think there will be. She meant what she said. Comrade Kanye has strayed from the herd, his thoughts must be evaluated and cleansed. He needs to be reeducated on how to think when black. Dissent will not be tolerated.
The left needs to be real careful about this. They could make a "martyr" out of Kanye before it's said and done.

Like him or not, crazy or not, he is someone that has the ear of a great many people in the black community. I'd dare say they pay far closer attention to him than Maxine Waters.

Yes. And that's what scares the left to death.
this is a fair point imo.

[T]he reason why I brought up the 400 years point is because we can't be mentally imprisoned for another 400 years. We need free thought now. Even the statement was an example of free thought. It was just an idea. [O]nce again I am being attacked for presenting new ideas."

with the typical Kanye whining added in at the end.
I understand his larger point.

Could have been expressed infinitely better.

Dr. King expressed it better already.

He would probably be best served by staying his lane and making music.
I understand his larger point.

Could have been expressed infinitely better.

I watched the interview he did with Charlemange last night. He's either a crazy genius or off his rocker.

But you are correct, he doesn't express himself well.
Kanye and Trump are a lot alike...both are off their meds

Kanye should go on the campaign trail with Trump. They could sell tickets
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in other words, "shut up and dribble"? - Laura Ingraham

Hell no, I want him to keep talking, I find it hilarious.

What he should do is - not talk. He's far better at making music or so I'm told. I don't particularly care for his music but the kids these days apparently do.
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No, the snowflakes would never take something out of context...


This dude who was there and heard it all go down certainly didn't think it was "out of context".

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