Who Is The Best Player You Have Seen In Person?

I played for Tullahoma. Played against Bobby when he was at Winchester his freshman year. He transferred to Castle Heights after that season. Bobby introduced me to the stiff arm on a kick return. lmao
Bobby was a junior when he transferred. He went to Castle Heights to raise his G.P.A. so he could qualify to get into college
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If you mean saw in a game, there are many darn good ones. If you mean know I went yo HS with larry Seviers, with my uncle one day and met Doug Atkins.
Tough question. Back in the day I saw Condredge Holloway, Stanley Morgan, Jackie Walker, Jack Reynolds, etc. I saw Carl Pickens house a kickoff return at LSU.

Ya know, one of our greatest wins that I personally witnessed, our Sugar Bowl win over Miami ... I couldn't tell you who was our best player, as it seemed like such a team effort.

Edit: I was also at our whipping of LSU in 2022 ... who was the best player I saw there? Hooker? Hyatt? Darnell Wright?
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Peyton is the best but most electrifying was Rocket Ismail. I saw Gault and several other sprinters but Rocket was electric with his quickness and immediate speed. It was like he was flying on his second step.
Eric Berry, Randall Cobb both really impressive in person. Hyatt and Hooker more recently. I was at a game that I swear Rico Mccoy made every tackle when we were on defense, he was all over the field making plays.
(For one play), it was defensive lineman Billy Ratliff, who made the most important defensive play in UT history. Arkansas was trying to run out the clock as they held a 24-22 lead at UT. Ratliff pushed back the Arky center and the center backpedaled into Clint Stoerner, the Arky QB, who subsequently stumbled and left the ball on the field as he tried to balance himself upright. Ratliff pounced on the ball and The Volunteers perfect undefeated season was preserved, as the Offense did their job and went ahead and scored. I was in the seats of that miserable weather game and anyone who was there will remember the eerily quietness that fell upon Shields Watkins Field when Stoerner placed the ball on the field. Time stood still, then Billy POUNCED us into a NC.
I was there ready to leave and “no joke” my friend said wait something is going to happen here. Wow I hugged the life out of him after that play!!!
I grew up quite poor and the tendency to just watch at home bled into my adulthood, so I haven’t been to that many games in person.

That said, Clowney is probably the best player I’ve seen in person and I only saw him that day we put the nail in Spurriers career. I had front row end zone student tickets and saw him very close, the man looked straight up like the Predator.
I saw 3 Heisman winners on same field around 1984 or 85 can’t remember. It was in JacksonvilleFl, the Bulls vs New Jersey. Walker, Griffin and Flutie. With that said the best player IMO that I saw play was John Hannah.
Who Is The Best Player You Have Seen In Person?

I’ve seen so many but none better than Condredge Holloway.

Manning, tony Dorsett, Ray Lewis, Walter Payton, Bo, Al, Randy white, Tebow, Steve McNair, Eddie George, Tom Brady are ones that come to mind

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