Where do you stand on players opting out of post-season games (with no injuries) to "prepare for the draft"?

Post-season opt outs (with no injury)

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Wrong. The extra prep is vital to some teams figuring out talent. In our case, Nico gets a chance to practice for the orange bowl.
You may not care……. But I sure do and I’m sure the coaches do.
I said the games are meaningless. Practices are always meaningful.
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What do you not understand about the last part? Teammates, coaches, AD, school, fans and everyone involved in making college football a platform needed to get a big pro contract (you know, kind of like a degree for many lucrative fields) are being crapped on when a healthy player sits out.

I never suggested they not be allowed to do so. It’s their right to leave whenever they desire and for whatever reason they use in making that decision. It’s my right to express my belief it is choosing on everyone when that decision is made.

Ummm not “you”

“If” these athletes were stopped from being able to opt out a coach or someone would be doing that.

Just last season Matt Corral played in his bowl game. He was a projected 1st round draft pick. He was injured early in the game and faded to the 3rd round, costing himself millions. This happens every single year.

it may feel like these players are “crapping” on fans……however I can assure you they’re not crapping on coaches and teammates. Most of these guys know what’s at stake and just like leaving early (if it’s in their best interest) will advise them to do so. They all love one another for the most part. They want the best for one another…….coaches and players alike.
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Why bother to go to or watch a bowl game where the best versions of teams are not on the field. Why have bowl games that are not "play offs"? If they are meaningless...why have them?

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