Where are we from?

Where do you live, VN.com Vols fans?

  • Knoxville area

    Votes: 130 11.0%
  • Somewhere else in East Tennessee

    Votes: 240 20.3%
  • Nashville area

    Votes: 100 8.5%
  • Somewhere else in Middle Tennessee

    Votes: 133 11.2%
  • Memphis area

    Votes: 40 3.4%
  • Somewhere else in West Tennessee

    Votes: 66 5.6%
  • Outside the state

    Votes: 436 36.9%
  • Don't count me, I'm a fan of a team other than the Vols

    Votes: 4 0.3%
  • Outside the state -- SPECIFICALLY, Atlanta Metro area

    Votes: 28 2.4%
  • Not only outside the state of Tennessee, but outside the U.S. entirely

    Votes: 6 0.5%

  • Total voters


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May 31, 2017
I've often wondered what percentage of the folks in this forum live around Knoxville. Or anywhere in the state.

So here's a chance to nail it down a little.

For those of you who are not Vols fans, happy to have you here, but please pass on this poll. The vast majority of you live outside Tennessee, and you'd throw off the profile. Thanks.

Go Vols!

p.s. and EDIT: synthesizing results -- I'll update this if the percentages change significantly --

1. About 10% of us (32 of 308) actually live in the Knoxville area. So we're mostly not a Knoxville crowd. That's perhaps surprising, to some here.

2. Almost two-thirds of us (190 of 308, 62%) currently live in Tennessee. That seems about right, actually.

3. Among those of us who do live in state, we're split 16% west, 34% central, 50% east. That's interesting.
Born and raised in Winchester, still live there today. Knew in 1967 (7 years old) when my great uncle Jack and aunt Virgie took me to my first Tennessee game in Knoxville that I would go to college there. Had several opportunities to play small college football (or basketball) but walked on at UT when I got invited to do so. Unfortunately, during my freshmen year I decided to be a full time college student. Still some regret to this day..........loved my 4 1/2 years in Knoxville, which included working at the World's Fair.


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May 12, 2010
Knoxville, TN area here in Farragut. I’m surprised at how small the number is for people actually in Knoxville.
I suspect people have been sidestepping cities for a while now. Overall, they just aren't great places to live in. And if you asked me, they never have been. When you concentrate things including people, more often than not, they get more toxic on some level or another. So the poll doesn't surprise me.
The mailman said he had something to do with that.
He lied.


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Oct 30, 2012
Rossville Georgia home of Bobby Scott. I can still remember the walking horse on the sidelines. Have a piece of the AstroTurf when they pulled that up. Love my Vols. Daughter did cheer at Auburn. Love the Tigers. Two chances to beat Bama and two chances to beat GA. Have a nephew playing baseball at UGA and a cousin committed to play there too
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