War in Ukraine

You can tell how poorly things are going for Russia by how unhinged Ras and his minions get.

“We can’t make progress in Ukraine, but we could for sure defeat 30 far more powerful countries at the same time, and you’re crazy if you don’t think so.”


@Rasputin_Vol's projectile diarrhea rate, splatter range and primordial stankness is reaching rabid chimpanzee proportions.
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Let's not pretend we haven't been down this road before. He clearly stated the objectives of the SMO, and the SMO will not end until all objectives are met.
And no he clearly did not state the objectives of the SMO as those listed above. each one of those has been pivot as Russia has failed previous objectives.

First it was taking over all of Ukraine. Then it was just taking all the border regions and the whole black sea coast. then it was eastern ukraine and land connection to Crimea. then it was the Donbas and Crimea. then it became this pseudo campaign with no real measurable objective.

Ukraine is more militarized than it ever has been, they are closer to NATO membership than they ever were pre-2022, and you have had to relabel anyone who is pro-Ukrainian as Nazis to find them. and pretty much all of that is only because Russia invaded.
wouldn't you mean 2014?

and no it wouldn't. the guy they elected, and then later ran off, won on a campaign of closer ties to the west. There was no popular rebellion as long as he was pushing ties with the west. then when he suddenly ditched the west, and signed a deal with Russia, the people rose up against him. because he lied, went against what they wanted, and was clearly bought out by the Russians.

and no the Americans didn't tell them what to do. even your own conspiracy doesn't actually say we told them what to do. you are grossly over simplifying your own conspiracy to twist it to be worse for the west. We told Ukraine, through Boris, that if they fought the Russians we would help Ukraine. That is not telling them what to do. and nothing we could have been offering/threatening would have been worse than Russia invading, so its not like we reasonably could be assumed to have unfairly weighted their decision.
This aligns with what Mercy shared. If Ukrainians want a relationship with the west, then too bad so sad for Russia.
those are two different things.

taking out is not the same as taking over.

you are back tracking because the stuff you made up is getting pointed out as false again.
I felt "taking out" and "head of the snake" had more ominous intent than what he is defining it as now. But it's worth the benefit of the doubt imo.
Charmin Soft stepped in it big time in a Will Wade discussion (person in the pic) and doubled and tripled down on his dumbassery… just like he’s doing here.

Sorry to steal your thunder @volfanhill but I went and read that thread. What a hoot and same as here.
A basketball thread?

Only idiots discuss basketball.
See, I actually don't believe that. I don't think that makes them good guys. The situation sucks, I kind of see it from their pov but the other side of the equation is it worth it. (idk) I would say every day that goes by in this actually shows that it was probably needed. Either way, its for them to sort through.

Life sucks. I just don't remember all you guys crying about all the Iraqis, Afgans, Libyans, Syrians, etc. dying for no reason. And when I say no reason, I mean no reason what so ever. Let alone all the Americans that died for no reason.

Either way I would say this will probably go on for some time, I said nearly 2 years ago... a decade or two is plausible.
I agree the situation sucks. I also see Russia as the aggressor and responsible for the suck. I don't understand how 'every day that goes by in theis actually shows that it was probably needed'. Maybe that's a challenge for me because I see Russia as the aggressor.

Many of us were against the Bush war and still are. Many of us are far more isolationist in military policy...at least I think so.
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No, you're just not providing anything of real value and doing it under the guise of asking to "share", "post", "link".

Most of your post are just meant to be trolling. Its okay to be a troll I guess.
I disagree. I have some preconceived biases about the war over there. I am sharing my opinions as everyone else does. I try, when possible, to provide sources or foundations for my opinions. Asking other how they came to their conclusions doesn't seem trollish to me. Now, if you give me sass, you definitely gonna get it back.

I mostly just want us to stay out of it. Although I am rooting for Ukraine to defend itself successfully.
they did think they would control the whole country, they just thought they wouldn't face any resistance from the people.

They bought their own bs and thought that half of Ukraine would rise up to join their army. when none of that happened, and instead some civilians were fighting against them their whole strategy fell apart. they really thought they were liberating and the people would see them as such, but Ukraine rightly saw them as occupiers. Its one of the reasons they had to remove so many people from the area they controlled to avoid an organized people's resistance.

taking out Zelensky and any others wouldn't have changed how popular Russian troops would be in Ukraine. their grandparents would have lived thru Holodomor and Stalin's purges, their parents would have lived under soviet (russian) thumb, many of them probably remembered the joy when the wall fell and they gained their freedom.
This strategy sounds more plausible to me.

Did you read about this somewhere? If so, can you share?
Russia has managed to have their black sea fleet deleted by a country without a navy, never gained air superiority against a country without an airforce, and has barely made any ground after years of stalemating a country with 1/3rd the population and 1/10th the economy.

If NATO is "in for a penny, in for a pound" what does that make Russia with these embarrassments?
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